Arthur S Leon, MD

Professor Emeritus, Exercise Physiology
Director Emeritus, LPHES
Contact Information


111 Cooke Hall
1900 University Ave SE
Minneapolis, 55455


Graduate education faculty

Henry L. Taylor Professor of Exercise Science

Chief cardiologist, Heart Disease Prevention Clinic

Director emeritus, Laboratory of Physiological Hygiene and Exercise Science

Postdoctoral training
  • Rotating internship, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI 1957-58.
  • Internal Medicine, The Lahey Clinic, Boston, MA, 1958-60.
  • Cardiology, University of Miami School of Medicine and Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, Fl, 1960-61.
  • Research fellow in Cardiovascular Physiology , Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR), Washington, DC, 1964-67.
Professional experience
  • Medical officer, US Army Reserve 1957-1991; Highest Rank Attained, Colonel, MC (Retired).
  • Active duty, US Medical Corps as Cardiology Consultant for US Armed Forces in France and Chief of Medicine, Outpatient Services and Internship Training at 34th General Hospital, Orleans, France, 1961-64, as Research Fellow WRAIR 1964-67 (see above), and as cardiologist, Fizsimmons US Army Medical Center, Denver CO, during 1990-91 (Desert Shield/Storm).
  • Instructor to Associate Professor, New Jersey College of Medicine (Newark) and Director of Clinical Research Center, Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, 1967-73.
  • Principal Investigator (PI) on five major, multi-year National Institutes of Health and two major American Heart Association (AHA) national grants, and 6 internal.
  • University of Minnesota Biological Research Grants while at the University of Minnesota, 1973 to present, involving assessment of physical activity and the effects of exercise training on risk factors for coronary heart disease and diabetes mellitus.
  • Co-investigator on many other major NIH funded studies on primary and secondary heart attack prevention, including MRFIT and LRC Coronary Primary Prevention Trial, and the Program on Surgical Control of Hyperlipidemia (POSCH).
  • Currently PI on the NIH-funded Genetics, Risk Factors and Exercise. The
  • HERITAGE Family Study, 1991-2000, (2.5 million dollars) and AHA-funded Physicianís Exercise Promotion Study (PEPS) in collaboration with Park-Nicollet Clinics (Health Partners) 1999-2002 ($450,000). PI, Co-PI or Investigator on dozens of additional grants from the pharmaceutical industry primarily involving hypertension and blood lipid management to reduce risk of heart disease.
  • Doctor of medicine, University of Wisconsin (Madison), 1957.
  • Master of science (Biochemistry), University of Wisconsin (Madison), 1954.
  • Bachelor of science (Chemistry), Summa Cum Laude, University of Florida (Gainesville) 1952.
Curriculum Vitae [PDF]
Selected Publications
  1. Author of about 200 articles in refereed professional journals, about 50 book chapters, 126 published abstracts, and primary co-author or editor on 2 books.

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