Clinton Warren, PhD

Lecturer, Sport Management
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Dr. Warren's primary research agenda broadly examines sport business strategy with an emphasis on sport sales and fundraising innovation. Specifically, his primary research line examines the manner by which sport organizations seek to innovate in the design, marketing, and selling of ticket services. He is particularly interested in how sport organizations work collaboratively with their communities to build lasting fan bases and deliver positive emotional outcomes to their spectators. He seeks to use his research line to understand how innovation and collaboration can yield positive outcomes for sport fans and organizations alike. In an effort to accomplish this goal, his current projects seek to explore two areas of emphasis: 1) the effects of ticket service innovation on sport fan attitudes and behaviors and 2) the effects of salesforce workplace innovation on sport sales executive attitudes and behaviors.


His secondary line of research examines the marketing and management strategies of soccer organizations in the United States. While, from a theoretical perspective, this line of study is somewhat broader in scope, Dr. Warren is primarily interested in the strategies related to marketing, management, and innovation. More specifically, he studies the growth of American soccer supporter culture as well as the sustainability, and viability, of the North American sporting model as U.S. soccer teams become bigger players in the global soccer market.


His research has appeared in a number of outlets. He has had peer reviewed work appear in the Journal of Applied Sport Management, International Journal of Sport Management, and International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing among others. He has also written multiple book chapters on the business of American soccer, and he has provided expert opinion pieces for a range of news outlets covering topics such as: ticket sales, public stadium funding, TV broadcast and streaming rights, and spectator attendance trends.


Dr. Warren returned to the University of Minnesota after five years as a professor at Illinois State University where he also served as the business manager for Redbird Club Hockey and a sales and marketing strategist for the local USHL hockey club. He also spent a combined four years as a faculty member at the University of Iowa and Eastern Illinois University before his time at ISU. Prior to that, he completed his PhD here at the U in Sport Management in the School of Kinesiology. In addition to his experience as a researcher and educator, Dr. Warren spent a total of eight years as a ticket sales and marketing executive with experience in the NBA, MLS, minor league hockey, and lower division soccer in the US.


His primary goal as an educator and researcher is to: 1) Connect students with sport industry leaders so they may, 2) Solve current, and future, industry problems, while ensuring to, 3) Serve their local communities through sport.


To learn more about Dr. Warren's work, visit his personal website.

Ph.D. University of Minnesota: Kinesiology, Sport Management
M.S. Illinois State University: Kinesiology & Recreation, Sport Management
B.A. Illinois Wesleyan University: History & Philosophy

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Selected Presentations
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