18th International Conference on Perception and Action

Welcome to the ICPA XVIII official web site.

ICPA XVIII is the 18th International Conference on Perception and Action.

The conference was held from July 14-18, 2015 in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the United States.

The 18th biannual International Conference on Perception and Action (ICPA) will provide an opportunity for researchers from multidisciplinary backgrounds to discuss issues broadly related to perception and action.

Topics typically presented and discussed at ICPA include the following:

  • perception (e.g., visual, auditory, haptic and other perceptual information)
  • action and coordination
  • dynamical systems modeling
  • event perception
  • affordances
  • perceptual-motor development
  • interpersonal coordination
  • speech/language perception and production
  • human and animal cognition
  • neurodynamics and neural plasticity
  • human factors and tool use
  • robotics
  • physical biology and psychology
  • intentionality and issues in philosophy of mind
  • ecological physical therapy and occupational therapy

As with previous ICPAs, accepted papers for poster presentation will be made available in book form as Studies in Perception and Action XVIII, to be published by Routledge. Abstracts of accepted oral presentations listed in the program book of ICPA18.

ICPA18 is sponsored by the School of Kinesiology and the Center for Cognitive Sciences at the University of Minnesota.