Exercise Science
Exercise Science examines how the human body responds to exercise and movement, focusing on concepts of health, wellness, and fitness, and the scientific basis of sports performance.
Movement Science

Movement Science explores how human movement is affected by disease, injury, lifestyle, development and aging, and integrates with scientific fields such as biomechanics, engineering, neuroscience and psychology.

Physical Activity & Health

Physical Activity & Health focuses on health promotion and prevention of chronic disease through physical activity across populations, and has strong interdisciplinary relationships with medicine, nursing, public health, epidemiology, physiology, nutrition, social work, and psychology.

Physical Activity & Sport Science

Physical Activity & Sport Science studies the psychological and sociological aspects of sport, specifically the study of sport and gender, sport medicine psychology, and physical activity intervention programming.

Sport Management

Sport Management examines the business side of the sport industry and the unique aspects of sport as it relates to business, marketing, management, and social and ethical principles.

Our Experts@Minnesota

Research in the School of Kinesiology spans a wide range of interdisciplinary areas within the broad field of human movement. Many of our faculty, who work both independently and collaboratively, are conducting innovative research across the globe, leading to discoveries that are helping change and improve lives every day.

Affordance Perception-Action Laboratory (APAL)
Behavioral Physical Activity Laboratory (BPAL)
Center for Clinical Movement Science (CCMS)

Jürgen Konczak, Ph.D., center director

Link: ccms.umn.edu

Exercise & Mental Health Laboratory (EMHL)

Beth Lewis, Ph.D., lab director

Link: emh.umn.edu

Global Institute for Responsible Sport Organizations

Lisa Kihl, director

Link: girso.umn.edu

Human Performance Teaching Laboratory (HPTL)
Human Sensorimotor Control Laboratory (HSCL)

Jürgen Konczak, lab director

Link: hsc.umn.edu

Human Sport Performance Laboratory (HSPL)

Christopher Lundstrom, lab director

Link: hspl.umn.edu

Laboratory of Integrative Human Physiology (LIHP)

Donald Dengel, lab director

Link: lihp.umn.edu

Laboratory of Physiological Hygiene and Exercise Science (LPHES)

Li Li Ji, lab director

Link: z.umn.edu/lphes

Physical Activity Epidemiology Laboratory (PAEL)

Zan Gao, lab director

Link: pael.umn.edu

Skeletal Muscle Plasticity and Regeneration Laboratory (SMPRL)

Sarah Greising, lab director

Link: smprl.umn.edu

Sports Medicine Psychology Laboratory (SMPL)

Diane Wiese-Bjornstal, lab director

Link: smpl.umn.edu

Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport

Nicole M. LaVoi, center director

Mary Jo Kane, center director emeritus

Link: tuckercenter.org