Physical Acitvity & Health Research

Physical Activity & Health is a discipline with the goal of promoting health and preventing chronic diseases through physical activity promotion in various populations. This research area has strong interdisciplinary ties across campus, including medicine, nursing, public health, epidemiology, physiology, nutrition, social work, and psychology.

Affiliated labs
Behavioral Physical Activity Laboratory (BPAL)

Daheia Barr-Anderson, lab director


Exercise & Mental Health Laboratory (EMHL)

Beth Lewis, lab director


Physical Activity Epidemiology Laboratory (PAEL)

Zan Gao, lab director


Affiliated faculty
Daheia Barr-Anderson, PhD

Childhood and adolescent obesity, physical activity epidemiology


Zan Gao, PhD

Physical activity epidemiology, physical activity and health, emerging technology applications, physical activity and health disparities


Beth Lewis, PhD

Physical activity promotion, behavioral interventions for physical activity, exercise and mental health