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CEC (2015)
Choosing Accommodations for Assessments Based on Common Core State Standards (Laurene Christensen, Ph.D. and Vitaliy Shyyan, Ph.D.)

WIDA, Students with SCD (2014)
English Language Development for Students With Significant Cognitive Disabilities (Laurene Christensen, Ph.D. and Vitaliy Shyyan, Ph.D.)

AERA (2014)

The Characteristics of Non-Proficient Special Education and Non-Special Education Students on Large-Scale Assessments (Yi-Chen Wu, Kristi Liu, Martha Thurlow, & Sheryl Lazarus)

AERA (2013)

Enhancing State Assessment Validity for English Language Learners with Disabilities (Kristi Kline Liu, Linda Goldstone, Martha Thurlow, Laurene Christensen, and Jenna Ward)

Longitudinal Analysis of Effects of Reclassification, Reporting Methods, and Analytical Techniques on Trends in Math Performance of Students with Disabilities (Yi-Chen Wu, Martha Thurlow, & Sheryl Lazarus)

CEC (2013)

Improving Practitioner Assessment Participation Decisions for English Language Learners with Disabilities (Laurene Christensen, Ph.D. and Linda Goldstone, M.S.)

Moving Your Numbers: An NCEO Technical Assistance and Dissemination Initiative (Laurene Christensen, Michael Tefs, and Deborah Telfer)

TESOL (2013)

Improving the Validity of Assessment Results for English Language Learners with Disabilities (Laurene Christensen, Ph.D., Linda Goldstone)


Public Meeting on Lessons Learned for Improving Access to General Assessments by Low-Performing Students with Disabilities (Washington DC, May 22, 2012)

Incorporating Universal Design Principles in Next Generation Assessment Item Design
Sheryl Lazarus


Planning for the Successful Inclusion of Your Students in Computer-Based Tests
Martha Thurlow, Deb Albus, Laurene Christensen, Yi-Chen Wu, Sheryl Lazarus (NCEO)


Structured Poster Session: How Can Alternate Assessment Based on Modified Achievement Standards Improve Student Learning and Outcomes?
Session Handout

Developing Valid and Accessible Technology-Enhanced Assessments
Sue E. Bechard (Measured Progress)
Judy Snow (Montana Office of Public Instruction)

A Multistate Approach to Development of AA-MAS: Removing Disability-Imposed Barriers to Student Performance
Wendy I McLaughlin Stoica (Ohio Department of Education)

Where Are We Going and What Have We Learned? Research Related to Alternate Assessments Based on Modified Achievement Standards
Renee Cameto (SRI International)
Katherine M Nagle (SRI International)

What Have We Learned About Student Characteristics, Accommodations, and
AA-MAS?  Poster / AERA Paper
Yi-Chen Wu, Sheryl S. Lazarus and Martha L. Thurlow (National Center on Educational Outcomes)
Linda Turner (South Dakota Department of Education)

Accessibility Reviews to Improve Test Score Validity
Peter Beddow, Stephen N. Elliott and Ryan J. Kettler (Vanderbilt University)

Using Cognitive Interviews for Item Development and Identification of Cognitive Characteristics of Students Eligible for AA-MAS
Caroline E. Parker (Education Development Center, Inc.)
Sue Bechard (Measured Progress)
Joanna Gorin (Arizona State University)

Toward a Validity Framework for Alternate Assessments Based on Modified Academic Achievement Standards
Edynn Sato (WestEd)

CEC (April, 2010)

Tools and Techniques for Improving Accommodations Outcomes
(Martha Thurlow and Laurene Christensen)

Monitoring Accommodations for Instruction and Assessment (16 MB)
(Martha Thurlow, Laurene Christensen, Courtney Foster)

Activities that Work: Selecting Accommodations for Instruction and Assessment
(Laurene Christensen and Martha Thurlow)

Table 2.1: Inclusion Needs that May Require Accommodations

For additional presentation materials, including the accommodations poster or DVD, please contact Laurene at

Assistive Technology Industry Association Annual Conference (2010)
Exploring Assistive Technology Issues in Reading Assessment (Jason Altman, NCEO)

Additional 2010 NCEO Posters:

Using AA-MAS to Improve Instruction and Assessment

A Look at State Assessment Data for Historically Underserved Subgroups

Where Are We Now? Issues and Options Related to the AA-MAS, and Accommodations Decision Making

Ensuring Meaningful Participation in Large-scale Assessments: Research on Accommodations for Students with Learning Disabilities from 2005-2008

2009 Presentations

TASH Annual Conference (November 19, 2009)
State Special Education Outcomes: Results of a 2009 Survey of States (Jason Altman, NCEO; Mari Quenemoen, NAAC)

2008 Presentations

TASH Annual Conference - Nashville (December 4, 2008)
State Special Education Outcomes: A Report On State Activities, Changes, And Challenges
Jason R. Altman & Martha L. Thurlow

2008 OSEP Project Directors' Conference - "How 'Flexible' Are You?" (July 22, 2008)
Federal Policy and Statewide Assessments for Students with Disabilities (Sue Rigney, U.S. Department of Education)
Who Are the Students in Alternate and Modified Achievement Standards Assessments?
(Jacqueline Kearns, NAAC; Martha Thurlow, NCEO; Elizabeth Towles-Reeves, NAAC)
Modified Academic Achievement Standards (Martha Thurlow, NCEO)

2008 CCSSO Presentations (June 15-18, 2008)
Agreeing on the "Principles" of Accessible Reading Assessments‐Can We Do It Together? (Martha Thurlow and Cara Cahalan Laitusis)

Validity of the Interpretations of Large-Scale Test Results from Accommodated State Assessments (Martha Thurlow)

Making Reading Assessments Accessible by Affecting Test-taking Motivation (Ross Moen)

Students Who Are 'Difficult' to Assess: What Can We Do? How Will that Help? (Rachel Quenemoen)

Science Performance Assessments: Opportunities for Blind and Visually Impaired Youth to Show What They Know (Jane Krentz)

Accommodation Decisions: Evidence Based Versus Subjective Decision (Martha Thurlow)

What's Developing? What's the Evidence?: Learning from Different Models of Alternate Assessment (Ross Moen)

Meeting the Needs of Individual Students with a Universal Assessment System (Martha Thurlow)

Establishing the Validity of Test Accommodations for Students with Disabilities: A Collaboration of State-based Research (Martha Thurlow)

From Practice to Peer Review: Practical Examples for Monitoring Accommodations that Meet Federal Requirements:
Courtney Foster (SC)
Tom Hicks (AR)
Karen Denbroeder (FL)
Linda Turner (SD)
Laurene Christensen (NCEO)

For additional presentations, see CCSSO 2008 Resources.

2008 CEC Presentationsies: Regulatory Requirements (Lou Danielson)
Snapshots: What We Know about State Assessment Practices (Martha Thurlow)

Kick-off Meetings for the GSEG Projects (January 15 & 16, 2008)

2004-2007 Presentations

Communities of Practice Teleconference (6/5/07)
Introduction to the NCEO Data Viewer

OSEP (7/17/07)
Building Consensus on Effective Instructional Strategies for English Language Learners with Disabilities (Martha Thurlow and Kristi Liu)

ASES SCASS (2/6/07)
NCEO ASES SCASS presentation

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (4/9/05)
Strategies and Tools for Teaching English Language Learners with Disabilities (Kristi Liu and Ann Clapper)
Math Handout
Math Glossary Handout
Innovation Configuration Map

Minnesota CEC - NCEO presentation (2/23/05)
Accessible Reading Approaches for Students with Disabilities (Ann Clapper and Christopher Johnstone)
Case Study 1
Case Study 2
Case Study 3
Grant Reading Flyer

Universally Designed English Proficiency and Content Area Assessments (2004):
Training Module for the Universal Design of Assessments (Prepared as part of the Title VI grant: Improving the Achievement of English Language Learners Through Authentic Proficiency Assessments in collaboration with the states of Minnesota, Nevada, and South Carolina)

CCSSO 2004:

NCEO CCSSO Pre-Conference Clinic:

CCSSO Conference Presentations:

Alternate Assessments: State of the States:

Approachig the Validation of Alternate Assessments: A Research Framework and Examples from States - Current Status of State Alternate Assessments and Challenges Validating Alternate Assessments (Martha Thurlow)

Designing and Using Assessment and AYP Reports for Improved Achievement at State and Local Levels: Introduction and State Reporting Summary (Martha Thurlow and Hilda Ives Wiley)
Using Assessment Data to Improve Student Achievement and Using MCAS Achievement Data to Make Accommodations Decisions (Dan Wiener, Coordinator of Assessment for Students with Disabilities; Bill Henderson, Principal, O'Hearn School, Boston)

How Do We Keep Kids From Being Stuck In Our Gap? A frame, a series of discussion questions, and some possible answers (Rachel Quenemoen, NCEO)

In Search of Consistency: Guidelines for the Administration of Accommodations by Third Parties (Ann Clapper, Amanda Blount Morse, NCEO; Janet Filbin, Colorado Dept. of Education; and Scott Trimble, Kentucky Dept. of Education)

Measurement Purgatory or Best Practice? Alternate Assessment for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities (Don Peasley, Ohio Dept. of Education; Tom Deeter, Iowa Dept. of Education; and Rachel Quenemoen, NCEO)

Meeting NCLB Act: Students with Disabilities Who Are Caught in the Gap (Martha Thurlow, Ross Moen, Jane Minnema, NCEO)
Meeting NCLB Act: Students with Disabilities Who Are Caught in the Gap (Sue Rigney, U.S. Dept. of Education)

What item Level Data Tell us About Universal
Design: Fantasy, Foolishness, or Fuel for Fire? in Large-Scale Assessments: Introduction
(Martha Thurlow)


CEC 2004:
How IEP Teams Make Assessment Accommodations Decisions: Rhode Island's Research Findings

Meeting Adequate Yearly Progress for Children with Disabilities (Jane Minnema and Michael Burdge)

Parents of English Language Learners with Disabilities Speak Out About Instructional Strategies (Manuel Barrera)

ASCD presentation and handouts:
Research-based Teaching Strategies to Increase LEP/IEP Student Achievement

See Presentations Archives for more presentations