NCEO - National Center on Educational Outcomes

Topic Areas

The Special Topics Areas provide in-depth information on the specified topics below, including frequently asked questions, links to state policies, and topic-specific publications that you can download.

  • Accommodations Information on assessment accommodations for students with disabilities that enable students to participate in assessments in a way that allows abilities to be assessed rather than disabilities.
  • Accountability Information on how schools, districts, and states can be held accountable for the performance of students with disabilities through assessment systems.  Student accountability topics are also referenced.
  • Alternate Assessments Information on tools used to evaluate the performance of students who are unable to participate in regular state assessments even with accommodations.
  • English Language Learners Information on English language learners (ELLs), some of whom have disabilities. Topics include accommodations, accountability, participation, and reporting.
  • Graduation Requirements Information on graduation requirements for students with disabilities.
  • Participation Information on participation policies for students with disabilities in large-scale state assessments.
  • Reporting Information on the public reporting of educational results for students with disabilities.
  • Academic Standards Information on state academic content and achievement standards for all students, including students with disabilities.
  • Universally Designed Assessments Information on universally designed assessments for students with disabilities and English language learners.