M.A. in OLPD
Comparative and International Development Education

Become a leader in international and intercultural education. This Comparative and International Development Education (CIDE) track program is designed for students to gain a mastery of skills and knowledge in how cultural, economic, and political forces affect international and intercultural education.

You will develop an in-depth understanding of the similarities and differences in educational systems throughout the world, including higher education systems, and you will have opportunities for relevant internships and research with faculty to enhance your practical applied skills. You will also learn about how international educational experiences influence domestic students and the value of international educational exchanges and experiences for the promotion of peace, global understanding, and social justice. In addition, you will gain the skills to assess and make recommendations in support of optimal student learning, the development of intercultural competence, and the creation of innovative cultural learning experiences.

About our students

"The Comparative and International Development Education program offered me a unique methodology to explore gender issues in education at multiple scales in a global context."

Hao Xu
Hao is working on a theoretical paper that looks into what inhibits Chinese female students from studying STEM and attempts to understand what national policies can be made to eliminate gender inequalities in STEM education in China.


M.A. students in Comparative and International Development Education expand their capacity to:

  • Analyze the complexity of classrooms, schools, and formal and non-formal educational institutions in international contexts.
  • Design and support international/intercultural exchanges and learning abroad programs.
  • Increase the effectiveness of school policies and administration in international contexts through research-based strategies and programs.
  • Apply knowledge from the field of CIDE for work in diverse types of organizations, such as NGOs, government agencies, international organizations, institutions of higher education, foundations, nonprofits, and K-12 schools in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Develop the skills to lead offices of international education and study abroad programs in schools, colleges, and universities.


  • Vice provost for academic affairs
  • Associate director, programs in executive education
  • Global learning advisor
  • Project officer
  • Monitoring and evaluation executive


  • Plan A option: 30 credits (with master's thesis) completed in 2 years for full time students
  • Plan B option: 30 credits (without thesis but with additional coursework) completed in 2 years for full time students
  • Curriculum

How to apply


Jeremy Hernandez
Coordinator of Graduate Studies
612-626-9377 | herna220@umn.edu

Roozbeh Shirazi
Coordinator of Graduate Programs in CIDE
612-624-2367 | shir0035@umn.edu