Ph.D. in OLPD
Education Policy and Leadership

This Education Policy and Leadership (EPL) track program prepares you to conduct original research and provide expertise on how school systems work to serve all learners. You will learn about the different variables and forces affecting leadership and decision making, and you will learn about how those policy decisions affect the outcomes of individual learners and their families.

Your contributions to research will help school systems and policymakers discover ways in which to support healthy and sustainability districts, design programs that enhance learning and development throughout the student lifecycle, and promote a deep understanding and connection between the education we receive and the individuals we become.


  • Professor in educational leadership
  • Research associate or fellow
  • Director of research, curriculum, teaching and learning, or staff development
  • Philanthropic of non-profit executive leader or education program officer
  • Superintendent or assistant, associate, area, or deputy superintendent
  • Chief of schools
  • District administrator


  • 70 credits completed in 3-5 years for full time students
  • Curriculum


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