M.A. in OLPD
Higher Education

Higher education professionals are interdisciplinary by nature. They synthesize research findings from the humanities, the social sciences, and the business sector in order to create and sustain education that is accessible, beneficial, and pioneering. This Higher Education (HE) track program prepares you with the professional experience and the theoretical knowledge for a career in working in and with higher education institutions and systems.


As a field, higher education is seeing rapid changes in its financial, political, and technological landscapes. Be prepared to take on the challenges of tomorrow in the field that supports all other disciplines. In this program, you will learn how to:

  • Unpack complicated issues in higher education and understand those issues from multiple vantage points,
  • Assess the performance of institutions of higher education and their components, and
  • Make informed administrative decisions based on the history, trends, and goals of an institution or unit to produce effective and impactful results.


  • Academic adviser
  • Career counselor
  • Director of undergraduate admissions
  • Financial aid adviser
  • Director of residence life
  • Director of student unions and activities


  • Plan A option: 34 credits (with master's thesis) completed in 2 years for full time students
  • Plan B option: 30 credits (without thesis but with additional coursework) completed in 2 years for full time students
  • Curriculum


Jeremy Hernandez
Coordinator of Graduate Studies
612-626-9377 | herna220@umn.edu