Ph.D. in OLPD
Higher Education

This Higher Education (HE) track program prepares you with a solid foundation in the history, philosophy, sociology, and organizational theory of higher education. Together, in a community of diverse and accomplished learners, you will dive deep into empirical research and policy analysis to understand higher education’s field-specific systems, issues, and practices. You will produce your own original research, advancing the field and contributing to the growth, vitality, and sustainability of our institutions.

Our department’s specializations include administration and organization, policy, student affairs, equity-oriented change, and research integrity.

About our students

I was drawn to OLPD because it allowed me to pursue coursework and projects using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, and I continue to love being part of this department because of the faculty and colleagues who were incredibly welcoming from the beginning and have been very supportive and genuinely invested in my work.

Daniel Greenberg
Higher Education

Daniel is working on the prospectus for his dissertation, which will address the experiences of college students with autism spectrum disorder emphasizing the perceptions of the students themselves. He is also involved in ongoing research projects on campus climate for disability and on discourses of diversity in higher education scholarship.


The doctoral program in Higher Education prepares you for a career as a faculty member, policy analyst, administrative leader, and researcher. This is a scholarly degree where you will be trained to produce exceptional, original research.

Doctoral students in Higher Education gain the capacity to:

  • Teach in both research and practice-focused environments.
  • Design research projects; collect, analyze, and interpret data; and provide clear and actionable insights for practitioners and policymakers.
  • Serve as leaders and experts in higher education policy and administration.
  • Identify and articulate the highly-nuanced challenges and innovations in the field.


  • Institutional researcher
  • Leaders in higher education, including presidents, provosts, and directors of multicultural affairs offices


  • 72 credits completed in 3-5 years for full time students
  • Curriculum


Jeremy Hernandez
Coordinator of Graduate Studies
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