OLPD Ph.D. curriculum
Human Resource Development

Departmental core (16 credits)

Professional socialization seminar

  • OLPD 8011—Doctoral Research Seminar I (1 cr) [Take Fall term of first year]

Research courses

  • OLPD 8015—Inquiry Strategies in Educational and Organizational Research (3 cr) [Take Spring term of first year]
  • Quantitative course (3 cr inside or outside of department; with approval of adviser)
  • Qualitative course (3 cr inside or outside of department; with approval of adviser)
  • Additional methods courses (6 cr; with approval of adviser)

Specialization (9 credits)

Courses must have adviser approval.

  • One OLPD 8xxx level theory seminar (3 cr)
  • Two or three 8xxx level seminars offered by various HRD faculty (2-3 cr each for a total of 6 cr)

Additional Research Courses (9 credits)

In addition to the research/methodology courses mentioned in the department core the following are required for students in the HRD track.

  • 3 cr statistics course selected in consultation with adviser
  • OLPD 8087—Seminar: Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development (3 cr) [The Capstone Research Experience Course is offered every other year. When it is offered take six credits over two semesters, three credits to be taken in fall semester and three credits to be taken in spring semester. Is usually taken during the second year if student is full time.]

Additional coursework (14 credits minimum)

Minimum of 14 credits required. These credits can be used to meet the requirement that a minimum of 12 credits be taken outside the HRD track or for a minor. Courses not specifically listed should have adviser approval.

Thesis credits (24 credits)

All Ph.D. students are required to register for 24 semester thesis credits after completing the preliminary oral exam. The 24 credits must be taken over two or more terms.

  • OLPD 8888—Thesis Credits: Doctoral

Total Ph.D. credits required

48 credits of HRD coursework + 24 thesis credits = 72 total credits


Jeremy Hernandez
Coordinator of Graduate Studies
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