Ph.D. in OLPD
Human Resource Development

Become an expert in developing individuals and organizations to unleash productivity. This Human Resource Development (HRD) track program prepares you to conduct research and provide sophisticated consultation into how workers acquire new knowledge and skills, relate to one another in complex social environments, and transition to management and leadership positions. You will learn how to see HRD theories and practices in larger economic, social, and political contexts, and you will be able to chart organizational paths for growth in those contexts.

Your contributions to research will help organizations and systems all over the world better understand ways in which to create fair and equitable environments for their workforces, design programs that support workers and prevent burnout, and promote professional growth and satisfaction in employees.


Doctoral students in Human Resource Development gain the capacity to:

  • Teach leadership, adult education, and human resource development courses.
  • Serve as training and development consultants on program design and implementation.
  • Resolve complex organizational and relational issues through innovative training and performance improvement techniques.
  • Develop sophisticated measurements to analyze and diagnose organizational challenges.
  • Conduct original research in the field and derive transferable insights and applications for local-to-international clients and industries.


  • Faculty at a college or university
  • Director of organizational effectiveness
  • Head of organizational learning and development
  • Executive coach or consultant


  • 72 credits completed in 3-5 years for full time students
  • Curriculum


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