Graduate minor
Sociocultural Studies in Education

The Sociocultural Studies in Education (SCSE) Minor provides a multidisciplinary foundation for the study of social and cultural phenomena that shape educational ideologies and practices. This minor enables students to take courses from a variety of social science, humanities, and interdisciplinary fields in order to generate a particular perspective, lens, or optic that can illuminate problems or processes of interest to them.


  • This program is shaped to suit the particular needs and interests of the student at either the master’s or doctoral level.
  • Courses are generally of two types: those that explicitly draw upon a disciplinary or interdisciplinary perspective to examine educational processes (e.g. Economics of Education); and those that provide an in-depth exploration of a disciplinary or interdisciplinary perspective itself (e.g. Contemporary Political Thought).
  • Earn a credential that distinguishes you from other job candidates in a wide array of fields.


  • Master's students: 9 credits minimum
  • Doctoral students: 12 credits minimum
  • Completed in 4 years for full time students
  • Credits from required courses in a major program will not count towards the minor.
  • Curriculum


Admission to the SCSE Minor is contingent upon prior admission to a master’s or doctoral degree-granting program within the Graduate School. Interested students should consult with a SCSE faculty member to develop a proposed course of study, then formally declare the minor when they file their program form. Students who declare the minor are required to enlist a member of the SCSE faculty on their master’s or doctoral committee.


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