Undergraduate advising

OLPD departmental advisors

Departmental advisors assist with:

  • Degree/major planning
  • Minor planning
  • Applied Experience
  • Supporting program
  • OLPD courses
  • Permission numbers for undergraduate OLPD courses
  • Career exploration and experiences in the field
  • Study abroad

CEHD Student Services advisors

Guide you through your time at the University beyond the department.

  • Degree planning
  • Liberal Education requirements
  • Resources at the University
  • Supporting program
  • Study abroad
  • Readmission into the program, probation appointment, or leave of absence discussion

Call 612-625-3339 to schedule an appointment or view the CEHD undergraduate advising page.

Ways to schedule an appointment:

Advising appointments in OLPD are offered in multiple modalities, including online via Zoom, over the phone, or in-person. We recommend that you use the web scheduling tool below to schedule an appointment with your advisor, but if you don't find a time on the scheduler that works for you, please contact your OLPD advisor directly.

Drop-In Advising:

Permission numbers

Permission numbers for undergraduate OLPD courses can be requested by completing the Undergraduate OLPD Permission Number Request Form. Current BME and HRD students should not use this form, and should contact their OLPD Advisor with any issues registering for any OLPD courses. If you are a current BME or HRD student seeking permission to register for the OLPD 4696 Applied Experience course, you can find more information here.

HRD Students are permitted to take OLPD 3318: Introduction to Project Management to satisfy their OLPD elective requirement, but must request permission by contacting their OLPD Academic Advisor.