Fact sheet for site supervisors
Undergraduate applied experience


The purpose of the applied experience is to provide the student with an opportunity to engage in real-life experiences under the supervision of practitioners from industry, for-profit or non-profit business, or government.

While the position may be job related and conducted at the student's place of employment, the activities must be above and beyond normal job responsibilities. Students are encouraged to limit activities to those that can be achieved within a semester.

The department encourages host sites to pay students; however, there may be times when a non-paid position is appropriate.

Applied experience

  • Sales activities include: creating cold call sales plan, designing telesales scripts, targeting appropriate market for sales plan and more.
  • Marketing activities include: utilizing the 4 Ps of Marketing for a particular product/service of the organization, market research, develop comprehensive marketing plan for product/service to launch marketing campaign and more.

Role of the student

  • Discuss activities with your site supervisor, and obtain agreement/contract
  • Keep a written log of your time, activities, and applicable theories.
  • Submit a final report to your host supervisor and course instructor.

Role of the course instructor

  • Provide input on the objectives and activities.
  • Serve as a resource for the student.
  • If necessary, serve as mediator between the student and site supervisor.
  • Assign grade in a timely manner after approval of final paper.

Role of the site supervisor

  • Provide input on activities.
  • Be the "on-site" point person (supervisor), to give guidance and direction to the student during the project and provide feedback along the way.
  • Submit a brief evaluation based on your experience. There is no standard format for the evaluation except that the letter be signed and on the organization's letterhead. Content is at the discretion of the site supervisor but might include such things as the student's working relationships, the value of the experience for your organization and for the student, the extent of satisfaction with completion of the terms of the contract and with any finished product that was delivered by the student. We would also greatly appreciate knowing if you would be interested in providing opportunities for future students.