Undergraduate Tinsley Grant


In 2013, the Gary Tinsley Memorial Scholarship fund was created to honor the memory of Gary Tinsley, a Golden Gopher linebacker and Business and Marketing Education (BME) student, who passed away due to an enlarged heart a few weeks before he was to graduate. Grants from $100-1500 are awarded to provide enhanced learning opportunities for current BME students.

To be considered for this grant, you must be an undergraduate student enrolled full time in the B.S. in Business and Marketing Education in the Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development at the University of Minnesota.

Awards are based on the following criteria:

  • Enrollment status: this award in the name of Gary Tinsley is to recognize and praise excellent students who enrolled in Business Marketing Education B.S. program within the Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy and Development. These students ideally had great academic performances.
  • GPA: 3.2 or higher.
  • Indication of financial need: in addition to academic status, we would like to make this award available to students who mostly need this funding to support their B.S. in BME.
  • Two references and a short paragraph explaining why the applicant selected these references: this request provides an opportunity for students to and discuss their aspirations and status with their course professors, instructors, and advisors.
  • Intended utilization of funds to enhance program study experience, a study-abroad experience, or supporting work in a current unpaid internship.


Thank you for your interest. Applications for the 2022-23 school year are now open. Deadline: Friday, April 22