Charting a Course to Enhance Access and Quality in Minnesota's Early Care and Education.

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

It is an exciting and hopeful time for young children and their families in Minnesota. Investments through the Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Grant, the Promise Neighborhood Initiative, the Investing in Education (i3) program and legislative support for all-day kindergarten have created an unprecedented opportunity to improve the way we address the achievement gap and prepare children for school.

As a result, our state agencies are launching a number of new initiatives, which require increased cross-agency collaboration and policy change. How are these new initiatives being implemented? How are we determining success, and what are the strategies for sustaining these new initiatives?

Gerrit Westervelt, Executive Director of the BUILD Initiative, presented his experiences working with early childhood policy across the country. Download slides from Dr. Westervelt's presentation (PDF, attached). A panel of Minnesota early childhood leaders responded with perspectives from their work.

Panelists included:

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How do we enable the spread of knowledge and innovation?
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Lean in to the sharp points from CEHD Academics on Vimeo.

Who's at the table matters a lot from CEHD Academics on Vimeo.

Use the data you have while you get the data you need
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Make sure it's working for the poorest kids
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Local Infrastructure - What Minnesota could learn from
North Carolina
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Illinois' "20-year Overnight Success" from CEHD Academics
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