International Program partnerships

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Colegio Heylos

Each year, CEHD graduate and undergraduate students participate in co-teaching practice in the bilingual school Colegio Heylos. This semester-long program was enhanced in 2015 by a visit from three teachers at Colegio Heylos to participate in CEHD's Global Teacher Education Program.

University of São Paulo

CEHD faculty and staff participate in regular exchanges with University of São Paulo. The USP exchange focuses on a variety of research areas and is facilitated by the Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development and USP's School of Economics, Business, and Accountancy.


Beijing Sport University

CEHD and Beijing Sport University (BSU) have an active two-way undergraduate student exchange program. As part of this program, two to three BSU undergraduate students attend CEHD for a full academic year while 10-15 CEHD students attend a May-term program in Beijing.


Universidad del Valle, Guatemala

CEHD is working with Universidad del Valle, Guatemala in support of UVG's new doctoral program in Applied Psychology. CEHD's Michael Rodriguez, Andrew Zieffler, and Mario Moreno will collaborate with UVG faculty in this process.


Haaga-Helia University

CEHD has partnered with Haaga-Helia University in Finland to conduct collaborative inquiry on innovation in education, futures education, and technical/vocational education. Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development faculty members are primary contacts for the collaborative work.


University of Iceland

CEHD signed a cooperative agreement with the School of Education at the University of Iceland in 2013. The Department of Family Social Science is pursuing a co-teaching model to online course delivery in family education. Both institutions are exploring the possibility of student exchanges.


Italian Institute of Technology

Researchers from the Italian Institute of Technology  and CEHD’s School of Kinesiology are engaged in research collaborations in the fields of Robotics and Brain Science. Specifically, current projects aim to design and test high-technology robotic devices for neurorehabilitation. Such devices shall enhance the therapy of patients after brain injury, such as stroke, and patients suffering from long-term neurodegenerative diseases. The School's Human Sensorimotor Control Laboratory ( has an ongoing exchange of scientific personnel that has been funded by the European Union and Italian government agencies.


International Islamic University of Malaysia

CEHD and International Islamic University of Malaysia have partnered based on alumni connections. This partnership will focus on international internships for CEHD students in Kuala Lumpur.


Leiden University

CEHD and Leiden University have an active two-way exchange for graduate students in the field of Educational Psychology. Through a collaborative program with Professors Panayiota Kendeou and Paul Van den Broek, graduate students experience the research culture of partner universities and engage in collaborative projects.


Lublin Technical University in Poland

CEHD and Lublin Technical University in Poland have partnered to provide collaborative coursework in the areas of human resource development (HRD) and marketing education to post-graduate students from Lublin. The first two courses were taught by CEHD faculty in Poland in spring 2013.

South Africa

North West University

CEHD and North West University are connected through various programs at the Learning Technologies Media Lab. Current projects include WeExplore and GeoThentic.

South Korea

Seoul National University of Education

CEHD and Seoul National University of Education participate in a two-way undergraduate exchange program. Each year, one SNUE students spends an academic year in CEHD, while 7-15 CEHD students participate in a Taste of Korea course in August.


Mwenge University College of Education

The Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development has paired to enact a “Teaching in Action” (TIA) program with Mwenge, aimed at achieving improved pedagogy in Tanzanian schools. Teaching in Action provides Tanzanian faculty members at Mwenge University College of Education with an opportunity to participate in professional development and learning communities designed to improve their teaching and scholarship. The TIA activities designed for and with MWUCE faculty offer them a venue in which to practice critical teaching and learning strategies that they can implement in their classes with the future high school teachers of Tanzania and as an in-service development program.


Naresuan University

CEHD and Naresuan University are engaged in collaborative exploration of STEM Education in Thailand and the US. Professor Fred Finley is leading the collaboration through CEHD's STEM Education Center.

US Peace Corps

United States Peace Corps

CEHD’s Youth Development Leadership (YDL) program has joined the U.S. Peace Corps’ Masters International program as a partner school. YDL students now have the option of taking a shortened program at the University of Minnesota, then continuing independent and on-line studies as Peace Corps volunteers around the world. Information on this program can be found on the Peace Corps website or in a promotional video produced by YDL.