CEHD PRF approvers

When preparing proposals that involve CEHD faculty and staff, please contact the grant coordinator assigned to the investigator’s unit with any questions. CEHD’s preference is to share indirect costs whenever possible through child accounts. Please send a copy of the budget and budget justification to the listed grant coordinator before routing.

Approvers for each college unit

  • Department Administrator: Grant Coordinator / Preaward Contact (see chart below). Include only if administering department is outside CEHD.
  • Department Head (see chart below)
  • Associate Dean for Research Frank Symons (symon007)

Collegiate Unit DeptID(s) Grant Coordinator / Pre-award Contact Dept Head / Delegate Accountant / Post-award Contact
Dean's Office 11182 Jeff Zytkovicz (zytko004) Cindy Lieffring (clieffri)
Curriculum & Instruction 11197 Amber Fink (fink0088) Mark Vagle (mvagle) Joy Mahova (mahov002)
Organizational Leadership, Policy & Development 11207 Sarah DuCloux-Potter (sarah@umn.edu) Ken Bartlett (bartlett) Jodi Fritsche (jfritsch)
Educational Psychology 11211 Bess Miller (bess) Kristen McMaster (mcmas004) Daniel Peterson (pete7814)
Family Social Science 11217 Sarah DuCloux-Potter (sarah@umn.edu) Jodi Dworkin (jdworkin) Jenny Olson (olson356)
Institute of Child Development 11219 Jeff Zytkovicz (zytko004) Megan Gunnar (gunnar) Daniel Peterson (pete7814)
Kinesiology 11222 Amber Fink (fink0088) Beth Lewis (blewis) Jodi Fritsche (jfritsch)
School of Social Work 11230 Sarah DuCloux-Potter (sarah@umn.edu) John Bricout (jbricout) Max Webb (webbx340)
Center for Applied Research & Educational Improvement* 11242 Bess Miller (bess) Kim Gibbons (kgibbons) Kory Schmitz (kschmitz)
Center for Early Education & Development* 11243 Jeff Zytkovicz (zytko004) Ann Bailey (baile045) AND Megan Gunnar (gunnar) Daniel Peterson (pete7814)
Institute for Translational Research in Children's Mental Health* 12162 Amber Fink (fink0088) Chris Bray (bray0021) AND Abigail Gewirtz (agewirtz) Jenny Olson (olson356)
Institute on Community Integration* 11245 - 11249 Lucy Luu Evans (luuxx001) Amy Hewitt (hewit005) Lucy Luu Evans (luuxx001)
Student Services 11192-11195 Jeff Zytkovicz (zytko004) Cindy Lieffring (clieffri)

* If your proposal involves one of these centers, please get in touch with the grant coordinator / pre-award contact to see if approval from a faculty member’s home department will also be required.