Welcome alumni and friends!

Message from director John Bricout

Dear alumni and friends of the school of social work,

Welcome! Let this new publication, and these new pages serve as connections to your past, as well as a springboard to new relationships. It is said that if you want to learn something about a person, look at the circle of friends. You—our friends and alumni—make us look very good. We count ourselves fortunate to have a circle of supporters that is by all accounts generous, caring and committed to living out the values of our School: equity, diversity, social justice, and a passion for promoting human rights while mitigating human suffering.

The circle you form around us creates a space where our students can learn, challenge themselves, stretch and contribute in the presence of fine role models, advocates and supporters. That circle can also be a place where you can make new connections, and as a circle looking outward as well as inward, take in new sights and grow alike. I will be glad to meet you, please do reach out as well.

John Bricout, director and professor

SSW alumni
Clockwise from top left: PhD grads 2011; Youth Studies grads 2017; YDL grads 2015; MSW grads 2014

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SSW alumni spotlight

Read what these alumni and students are up to!

Katie Schoeppner

Photo of Katie Schoeppner

MSW alum

Trumanue Lindsey

Photo of Trumanue Lindsey

YDL alum

Lindsay Walz

Photo of Lindsay Walz

YDL alum

Payton Jordahl

Photo of Payton Jordahl

YDL current student

Erin Sugrue

Photo of Erin Sugrue

PhD alum

Salma Hussein

Photo of Salma Hussein

Youth Studies and MSW alum

Continuing education discounts
for alumni

Alumni of the University of MN School of Social Work receive a 10% discount to classes offered through our Continuing Education program, which provides three certificates (Supervision in Social Work, Interdisciplinary Trauma Studies, and Trauma-Effective Leadership Certificates) and over 45 one and two-day classes each year. More information regarding our certificates and classes can be found at our website. Please email Kayla Simmel, Program Manager, at ceseries@umn.edu for information on receiving your alumni discount.

Alumni News

MSW Alumna Brenda Hartman is using her Bush Fellowship to write a curriculum to help health professionals talk about death with their patients. Read more.

Angie Hirsch, American Indian Mental Health Coordinator at the Minnesota Department of Human Services, is Social Work Alumni of the Year. Read more.

YDL graduate Jenny Collins, Executive Director of University YMCA, is spotlighted by the University of Minnesota Alumni Association. Read more.