Katie Schoeppner

Katie Schoeppner graduated from the MSW program in 2009 and has been working in the medical social work field ever since. She originally started at the University of Minnesota bone marrow transplant ward after graduation and has since moved to work with transplant patients and their caregivers through Be The Match. Through the Patient Support Center, she provides one on one support to those dealing with severe illness and the major life changes that result from cancer diagnosis, transplants, and the chronic symptoms that may result from both. She originally started at Be The Match as a volunteer coordinator for the Patient Support Center and in the last few years has transitioned to her current role as head of counseling services.

This new position has also enabled her to take on field supervision for the MSW program as well. Though only a few semesters in to having interns, she already feels like she has learned a lot from them and would highly recommend the experience to anyone who has the interest or capacity to do so. Though it may sound cliche, Katie says that she, "learned the most from and draws upon [her] field instructors more than anything else from the program" and wants to give back to the process of re-investing in future social workers. Not only does she enjoy teaching her interns, she always feels that they bring new information and energy to her work. To connect with Katie and learn more about her work at Be The Match or Field Supervision, please feel free to email her.

Photo of Katie Schoeppner