Experiential learning class gets students outdoors

Learning by doing intuitively makes sense, but why?

Is all experience equally valid, moral, and educative?

And what makes an experience transformative?

Those are some of the questions posed to students who take the experiential learning class offered in the School of Social Work’s youth studies program.

Jon Lurie is the course’s instructor. One course goal is to expose the students to a wide range of experiential learning concepts, like the importance of place, and the values of curiosity and the outdoors.

In order to put the theories into practice, the students are required to participate in several off-campus, outdoor group activities each semester. Although cold, the students in the picture on the landing page appeared to be enjoying their ride on Bde Maka Ska, still also known as Lake Calhoun, in Minneapolis.

Canoeing on Bde Maka Ska