Youth work learning lab

The Youth Work Learning Lab co-creates learning and research strategies that advance new models for practice and organizational changes that untangle complex and critical issues in youth work.

Current issues being explored: Improving Program Quality, Alternative Models of Evaluation for Youth Programs, Youth Work in Community – Foundational Series, and a variety of Critical Youth Work Practices.


Deborah Moore
Youth Work Lab director

Ross VeLure Roholt
Associate professor, Youth Development Leadership program director

Current classes

Youth Program T/A and Consultation Jump Start Package

Online: All T/A and consultation will be on a Web session or Zoom meeting
Cost: $500 per organization (plus registration fee).


Many programs are still struggling to figure out what to do and how to run their program during Covid 19. Even when we get something sorted out, another change happens. We are hearing about challenges you face including how to structure your weekly afterschool sessions, connecting with youth, and reporting to funders. Sometimes you just need a little boost from someone else to keep moving. To get you through a very challenging time, the Youth Work Learning Lab is offering "Jump Start" T/A and Consulting packages. All you need is to the internet (and Zoom) and a program related issue. We will take it from there...

How it works

  • An initial online conversation to figure out the issue(s) you want to focus on, consider options for support and setting a simple plan.
  • Next, decide if you want to use two existing webinars (and materials already created) from the Youth Work Learning Staff. For example, you could have us kick off the support with a 1-hour web session on rethinking your program design for all of your staff. You pick the time and day and invite anyone who wants to join.
  • The Jump Start package includes 5 hours of staff time from the Learning Lab, plus the pre-packaged webinars and materials. Time will be used on things you need most. For example, it could be used to host issue circles about practice challenges for staff, reflective conversations to capture simple data, creating a collection of curriculum ideas and templates, or creating simple plans or products with a team to move you through current issues.
  • Most consultation will be provided by Deborah Moore, Youth Work lab director, or, if needed, you will be connected to other consultants.