Eloise and Elliot Kaplan Fellowship for Traumatic Brain Injury

This fellowship provides financial support for graduate social work students who are interested in developing a career that focuses on the provision of services for persons who have experienced a traumatic brain injury, as well as work with the families of such individuals.

This is a one-time grant of $12,000, which is awarded during the time the student is enrolled in an approved placement, whether the academic year or summer.

Preference is given to students who study on a full-time basis.


Students must be in the health, disability and aging (HDA) concentration.

Students must be placed at, and accept, a concentration internship (SW 8020 or SW 8030) at an agency that serves persons who have sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and/or families of those individuals. Full program students in the foundation field (SW 8010) are not eligible for this award.


All students who are applying for this fellowship should also complete the 2020-2021 Social Work Student Financial Aid Form.

Special requirements

Students receiving this award must follow the health, disability and aging concentration, and must be placed in a concentration field placement (SW 8020 – Field Practicum II or SW 8030 – Advanced Standing Field Practicum) in an agency that serves persons who have sustained a traumatic brain injury and/or their families.

Examples of agencies that provide the learning experience necessary include:

  • Vinland Place
  • Courage Center
  • Bethesda Rehabilitation
  • Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance
  • Epilepsy Foundation
  • Children’s Hospital of Minneapolis

Because this award requires placement at an appropriate field agency, the application process does not occur until AFTER the field matching process in May or in February.