Families and children

School of Social Work researchers are seeking to improve the lives of families and children by obtaining a better understanding of factors that contribute to the health and well-being of families within their home, communities, and the broader environment.

Priscilla Gibson

Photo of Priscilla Gibson

Professor; Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

Cultural Competence, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Qualitative Research Methods, Social Justice

Wendy Haight

Photo of Wendy Haight

Professor and Gamble-Skogmo Chair in Child Welfare and Youth Policy

Child Welfare, Developmental Psychology, Mental Health, Social Services, Substance Abuse

Katie Johnston-Goodstar

Photo of Katie Johnston-Goodstar

Associate Professor

Social and political contexts of urban and Indigenous youth development, Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR), Youth and Media, Critical and Indigenous Pedagogies, History of youth work and social work in urban and Indigenous communities.

Jean Quam

Photo of Jean Quam


Gender and Sexuality, Higher Education, Learning Technologies, Seniors/Aging/Gerontology

Lynette Renner

Photo of Lynette Renner

Associate Professor; Director, Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse

Family Violence, Domestic Violence, Child Welfare, Family Based Interventions, Mental and Behavioral Health, Youth Development

Patricia Shannon

Photo of Patricia Shannon

Associate Professor

Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR), Evaluation, Immigration, Intervention Science, Loss and Trauma, Mental Health

Mark Umbreit

Photo of Mark Umbreit


Community Engagement, Counseling, Mental Health

Ross VeLure Roholt

Photo of Ross VeLure Roholt

Associate Professor

Adolescents/Youth, Community Engagement, Evaluation

Jeffrey Waid

Photo of Jeffrey Waid

Assistant Professor

Child Welfare, Positive Youth Development, Prevention Science, Intervention and Services Research

Oliver Williams

Photo of Oliver Williams


Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR), Cultural Competence, Family Violence, Social Services, Specific Cultures (African American)

Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare researchers

Traci LaLiberte

Photo of Traci LaLiberte

Executive Director, Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare

Child Welfare, Disability, Evaluation, Policy, Systems Change

Kristine Piescher

Photo of Kristine Piescher

Director of Research and Evaluation, Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare

Child Welfare, Evaluation, Policy

Youth Work Learning Lab researcher

Deborah Moore

Photo of Deborah Moore

Youth Work Learning Lab Director

Adolescents/Youth, Youth Development, Program Development

Affiliated researchers

Jerome Stein

Photo of Jerome Stein

Director, Learning Dreams

Adolescents/Youth, Community Engagement, Cooperative Engagement, Cooperative Learning

Stacy Remke

Photo of Stacy Remke

Teaching specialist

Clinical Social Work, Healing Strategies, Child Welfare, Pediatric Palliative Care