Youth development

School of Social Work researchers are seeking to improve a variety of mental health outcomes while contributing to the knowledge bases of different practice approaches and theoretical foundations.

Michael Baizerman

Photo of Michael Baizerman


Adolecents/Youth, Community Engagement, Evaluation, Policy

Linda Jones

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Associate Professor

Ethics, Evaluation, Gender and Sexuality, Health, Policy

Katie Johnston-Goodstar

Photo of Katie Johnston-Goodstar

Associate Professor

Social and political contexts of urban and Indigenous youth development, Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR), Youth and Media, Critical and Indigenous Pedagogies, History of youth work and social work in urban and Indigenous communities.

Ross VeLure Roholt

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Associate Professor

Adolescents/Youth, Community Engagement, Evaluation

Center for advanced studies in child welfare researchers

Saahoon Hong

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Senior Minn-LInK Researcher, Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare

Child Welfare, Disability, Education Policy K-12, Evaluation, Mental Health, Social Services

Esther Wattenberg

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Minn-LInK Researcher

Public Policy, Child Welfare, Health, Program Evaluations and Development

Kristine Piescher

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Director of Research and Evaluation, Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare

Child Welfare, Evaluation, Policy

Affiliated researchers

Jerome Stein

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Director, Learning Dreams

Adolescents/Youth, Community Engagement, Cooperative Engagement, Cooperative Learning

Youth Work Learning Lab

Deborah Moore

Photo of Deborah Moore

Youth Work Learning Lab Director

Adolescents/Youth, Youth Development, Program Development