Multiple pathways to teaching

Approved by the Minnesota Board of Teaching as innovative teacher licensure programs, the nonconventional and alternative programs offer quality preparation to high-potential teacher candidates in partnership with local districts and organizations.

MPT works with local school partners and organizations to tailor curriculum delivery and identify promising candidates, many of whom already have extensive experience working in the schools and often in high needs areas. Many candidates are in district positions while working towards their licensure and master's degree coursework.

Together with CEHD’s commitment to educating the next generation of teachers, MPT is helping to overcome predicted teacher shortages while diversifying the teacher workforce.

Our programs

MN Grow Your Own Teacher Program (MNGOT)

School districts across Minnesota have set goals to increase the racial and linguistic diversity of teachers. The College of Education and Human Development helps these goals become reality. We’ve created new pathways for partner district employees to become fully licensed teachers. Designed for non-licensed district staff with bachelor's degrees, this two year, 36-credit program combines a master's degree with licensure options including K-6 Elementary, K-12 ESL, Secondary Science, and Secondary Math.

Become a partner district or get your license through this innovative partnership structure with the University.

Dual Language and Immersion Licensure Program - elementary licensure

The DLI-L Program is specifically designed to respond to an increasing need for qualified teachers for elementary immersion and dual language programs. DLI-specific content such as biliteracy and language-focused teaching strategies are at the heart of this elementary licensure program. Accepted bilingual applicants enter an elementary licensure and master’s program as a cohort of teacher candidates. With online and face-to-face coursework concurrent with field-based experience, candidates cultivate a special set of knowledge and skills to prepare them to teach in dual language and immersion programs. Learn more about the DLI-L program.

Partner with us

Help foster a new generation of teachers. Innovative, custom teacher preparation partnerships are our specialty. Contact Laura Mogelson, MPT Director, at