McNair Scholar 2016Ana V. Lozano

Ana V. Lozano is a senior at the University of Minnesota, Majoring in family social science with a minor applied psychology. Her research interests include closing the achievement gap and studying risk factors within schools and communities through a social justice lens. She hopes to obtain a Ph.D. in counseling psychology

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My goal is to keep academic institutions accountable for creating safe learning environments for all students. I also hope to mentor, guide and support students so that they can also achieve their academic and personal goals.

Research project

Disrupting the effects of parental math anxiety: how parental expectations and involvement matter for children’s mathematical outcomes

Abstract: This study examined the characteristics of parents with high math anxiety and whether parental expectations buffered the relation between parent math anxiety and children's outcomes (i.e., children's math anxiety and mathematical achievement). Participants included 47 low-income, ethnic minority parents and their children. Parents completed a survey tapping into parental educational expectations, school-based involvement, home-school communication and home-based involvement. Children were assessed on mathematics anxiety, algebra, geometry, data analysis and probability. Results indicated that parents with high math anxiety reported lower levels of home-based, school-based involvement, home-school communication and parental expectations. Mediation analysis showed that parental expectations disrupted the relation between parent math anxiety and children's outcomes such that higher levels of parental expectations could mitigate the effects of parental math anxiety on children's math anxiety and achievement. Programs that target parental involvement should train parents on how they can create high parental expectations in mathematics. Download poster. [PDF]

Faculty profile

Rose Vukovic is currently an associate professor in the Department of Educational Psychology, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Vukovic aims to increase the educational and psychological well-being of underserved and marginalized populations. Her primary research program investigates sources of academic achievement difficulties at the child, school, and community levels in order to guide early identification, early intervention, and instructional practice. Her secondary research program investigates the proximal and distal effects of a teacher leadership and mentoring program both for Ghanaian female teachers as well as their female students. Vukovic has been a McNair faculty mentor for two years.