Academic Support


You will register for classes during your required University orientation session the summer prior to your first term at the University.  Advisors will help you register for courses that are appropriate for your individual needs and goals.

Majors outside of the College of Education and Human Development

You will work with an advisor on developing a plan that will prepare you for your major, whether it’s in CEHD or another University college. Students usually apply to their major in the second year of college.


TRIO SSS advisors have smaller student caseloads, so when problems and questions arise, you can usually see your advisor within 48 hours. You are encouraged and supported in developing leadership skills and engaging in campus and community activities as well as learning abroad opportunities.


Course options for TRIO SSS students are similar to those for all first-year students in the College of Education and Human Development. All first-year students participate in the First Year Experience program which includes a First Year Inquiry course during fall semester and a Learning Community in spring semester. Additionally, TRIO SSS students are expected to register for at least one two-credit Integrated Learning (IL) course in their first year. IL courses are small 18- to 25-student recitation or discussion classes that help students succeed in challenging courses such as biology and psychology.

You may also choose from other courses such as biology, psychology, sociology, math, and literature. If you enroll in biology or psychology, you may take supplemental Integrated Learning courses with other TRIO SSS students.

What's the advantage to taking these supplementary classes? Students who enroll in TRIO SSS IL classes earn better grades than other University students enrolled in the same classes without the IL component. Classes help you develop effective study skills and habits. IL instructors reinforce concepts that are introduced in lectures with cooperative group problem-solving exercises, presentations, and recitation.

CET students will take a two-semester sequence of freshman composition, WRIT 1201 and 1301, taught by experienced and accomplished instructors of multilingual students. Additionally, they will take an editing for writers course and an oral communication course. The CET academic experience is enhanced through small class sizes and tutors in writing classes.