Academic year programs

TRIO Upward Bound's academic year runs from October to May. The program offers weekly classes and tutoring services Monday-Thursday, 4:00-5:30 p.m. These services increase students' study skills, writing abilities, test taking strategies, and college preparation. Upward Bound also holds events and workshops that provide families with additional educational opportunities. All services are offered on the East Bank of the University of Minnesota. Students, grades 9-10, interested in joining the program can apply each fall.

9th Grade

Science exploration and study skills

This class provides the opportunity to explore, enjoy, and learn about many different fields of science. The class has four objectives:

  • to explore scientific fields and scientific careers so that each student has the opportunity to become familiar and excited about them;
  • to acquire study skills necessary for success in high school and college;
  • to learn about science and its methods so that each student has the opportunity to build a personal foundation of scientific knowledge;
  • to introduce students to the structures and requirements of the Upward Bound program in a fun and engaging manner.

10th Grade

English composition

Being a competent writer is essential for college success. The purpose of this course is to improve your reading, writing, and analytical skills in preparation for other TRIO UB components as well as college. You will learn to successfully develop, organize, and write three different types of essays: reflective, persuasive, and research. In addition, you will read example essays in order to learn how to analyze an author’s main argument and essay structure.

11th Grade

ACT prep/career exploration

You will undertake pre-ACT planning. This will include pre-assessment administration (mock ACT test), learning how to read the evaluation report after the mock ACT test, setting a test score target (goal), and time management during the final test. You will learn how to overcome test anxiety by planning individual study schedules according to individual test strengths and test weaknesses. You will study the overall mechanics of the test, familiarize themselves with test concepts, and master essential test taking strategies. Finally, you will explore some career aspirations by engaging in on-campus research. Moreover, investigative efforts will pinpoint what ACT scores are optimal to maximize college entrance options.

12th Grade

College planning

This class will prepare you for successful acceptance and entrance into college. TRIO UB College Access Advisors co-instruct this course. The following objectives must be met in order for you to successfully achieve this goal:

  • Research and complete admission applications to at least five institutions of secondary learning, including the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.
  • Research and complete at least eight scholarships.
  • Learn and practice skills that will contribute to success in post-secondary education and the preparation for such.
  • Practice time management skills, study skills, stress relief techniques, and organizational skills.
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and engage in concepts of financial literacy.