Sarah Yang

Yang photo

Academic Services Coordinator, Upward Bound

40 Education Sciences Building
UB Main Line: 612-625-3021
Direct: 625-3031

About Sarah

Sarah was born in Yuba City, California. She moved to Minnesota when she was 10 years old. Growing up, Sarah had attended three different high schools. Even though Sarah went to three different high schools she found belonging in a small community, called TRIO Upward Bound. Sarah is an alumni from this particular TRIO Upward Bound program and now is back serving her community.

Sarah then went to the University of Minnesota where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Youth Studies in 2016. While attending the University of Minnesota she took the opportunity to study abroad in Thailand for a semester. Within that semester Sarah also did an internship for a month. She got an experience of a lifetime completing her internship in Mae Sa Mai, a Hmong Village in Thailand. Sarah taught K-5 English and created relationships with the villagers and students. In addition, she had the opportunity to experience the life that her parents once lived before her parents immigrated to the United States in 1992.

Sarah dreams to one day teach English again in Thailand, hopefully in a Hmong Village. However, TRIO Upward Bound will always be her home. Giving back to her community is something that she has been looking forward to for a while. She is excited to see this journey expand as she develops professional skills and relationships.

In her spare time, she likes to go hiking, sew Hmong paj ntuab (cloth), and spend quality time with her nieces and nephews.