University of Minnesota

Posters from the Conference

NGWSD Event Planning
Emily Dane, St. John Fisher College

Regulating Exclusion: An Analysis of Problematic Language Contained in Sports Rulebooks and Charters
Sarah Teetzel, University of Manitoba

Promoting Physical Activity to Newcomer Girls & Young Women
Karima Dorney, CAAWS

Gender and Equestrian Sport
Michelle Gilbert, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

NCAA Rowing: Women's Resistance & Empowerment
Krystina Sarff, University of Florida

Soccer Girls Rule
Jeanette Hibbs & Elizabeth McSpiritt, Starfinder Foundation

Behind the Stripes: An Exploration of Being a Female Official in a Male Sport
Heidi Nordstrom, University of New Mexico

The Progressive Body: Yoga and the Politics of Conscious Activism
Kerrie Kauer, California State University, Long Beach

Positive Developmental Experiences Through Sports Participation for Adolescent Girls
Kamla D. Modi, Girl Scout Research Institute, Girl Scouts of the USA

Adolescent Girls' Participation in Organized Sport
Joanna L. Morrissey, Kristin J. Boulter, Elena M. Letuchy, Steven M. Levy, & Kathleen F. Janz, University of Iowa

The Impact of No Pass/No Play Sanctions on High School Athletes: Implications for Youth and Policy
Jennifer Oliphant, University of Minnesota

Talk Isn't Cheap: Using the Words of Young Girl Athletes to Improve Their Sport Experiences
Courtney Robinson, Katie Barak, Sally Ross, Vikki Krane, & Cathryn Lucas-Carr, Bowling Green State University

Let's Move It! An Overview of a Personal and Social Responsibility Model Program for Girls
E. Missy Wright & Ramona Cox, Michigan State University

Picture This: New Directions for Marketing Women's Sport
Katie Barak, Courtney Robinson, Cathryn Lucas-Carr, Sally Ross, & Vikki Krane, Bowling Green State University, University of Iowa, University of Memphis

Serving up Change? The UNESCO-WTA Partnership for Global Gender Equality
Courtney Szto, University of Toronto

A Content Analysis of Gender Portrayal in Advertisements Aired During the Men's and Women's 2010 NCAA Basketball Tournament Final Four Games
Michelle D. Haarhues, Candan Duran-Aydintug, Leigh Ingram, & Angela G. Brega, University of Colorado, Denver

Making Strides in Television Broadcasts of Women's Sports
Heather A. Muir, Bowling Green State University

The Myth of Empowerment: Analysis of Women Athletes and Sexual Objectification
Charlene Weaving, St. Francis Xavier University

Framing Gender and Disability: A Cross-cultural Analysis of Photographs from the 2008 Paralympic Games
Jo Ann Buysse & Bria Borcherding, University of Minnesota

Mediated Images of Physical Activity and Sport: Girls Gone Wild?
Sarah Wolter, University of Minnesota

Taking Charge: Social Media and Women's Sport
Toni Bruce, The University of Auckland, New Zealand

Using Campus Newspapers to Engage Students in Research and Writing
Maura B. Rosenthal, Bridgewater State

Exercise Benefits, Barriers, and Patterns Perceived by Working Mothers
Tami Klenke, Cindra S. Kamphoff, Suzannah M. Armentrout, & Theresa Mackey, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Disappearing Women Head Coaches: Reversing the Trend
Jeffrey Gerson, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Gender Verification/Gender Stereotyping
Sandy Wells, Division of Medical Education, Dalhousie University

"Hope Solo Saves the World From Ugly": The Sexualization of Female Athletes on YouTube
Julie Maier, Harvard Project Zero

Picturing Martina Navratilova: A Genealogy of Gendered Embodiment
Kristi Tredway, University of Maryland

Pictures of Progress: Media Guide Images of Female Student Athletes at the NCAA Division-II, NCAA Division-III, & NAIA Levels
Heather Van Mullem, Linda Sterling, & A. Peck, Lewis-Clark State College, Northwest Missouri State University

Standing Out to Fit In: "Fastinistas" Hit the Road
Claire M. Williams, St. Mary's College of California

"I'd rather swim nude": Older Women and Their Primary Frustration with Aquatic Exercise
Sonja Lilenthal, San José State University

Global-Local Empowerment Policies and their Impact on Women in sports in Kenya
Janet Musimbi M'mbaha & Rose Chepyator-Thomson, The University of Georgia

Barriers and Supports for Female Coaches: An Ecological Model
Julia Dutove & Nicole M. LaVoi, University of Minnesota

Adolescent Girls and the Martial Arts: Potentials for Strength, Power, and Agency
Kim Rybacki, The City University of New York

Examining Online Intercollegiate Head Coaches' Biographies: Reproducing or Challenging Heteronormativity and Heterosexism?
Austin Stair Calhoun, University of Minnesota

Using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) to Explore the Complex Relationship Between Playing Position and Leadership in DI Women's Basketball
Sonja Nicole Robinson, University of New Mexico

Alliance of Women Coaches
Judy Sweet & Celia Slater, Alliance of Women Coaches

Developing Physically Active Girls: An Evidence-based Model
The Tucker Center, University of Minnesota

Mother-Coach Generated Strategies for Increasing Female Coaches in Youth Sport
Nicole LaVoi & Sarah Leberman, The Tucker Center