Consuelo Gutierrez-Crosby

Consuelo Gutierrez-Crosby photo

Assistant Director of TRIO SSS and President's Emerging Scholars Coordinator, CEHD Student Services

For appointments, call 612-625-3339 or schedule online.

360 Education Sciences Building
T: 612-301-1785

About me

Consuelo is a Latina from Albuquerque, New Mexico who came to MN as a first-generation college student to attend Macalester College.

Since college graduation, she has built a 20+ year career in program development, implementation, and management in non-profit, higher education, and philanthropic sectors. Consuelo has a passion for first-generation college success - dedicating ten years of her career to launching and developing a four-year high impact program at Macalester. She is energized by opportunities to maximize and build on the strengths, whether that be personally working with students or on programs and projects that focus on leadership and capacity building embedded in social justice and social change.

Prior to joining the TRIO/PES team, she spent four years leading a national philanthropic initiative increasing women’s knowledge, capacity and resources to impact change as well as most recently a year building a collaboration across four racial and culturally specific leadership organizations to advance racial justice and equity.

At Macalester, Consuelo majored in International Studies and Sociology with a minor in Political Science. She is a University of Minnesota Humphrey Institute for Public Affairs alum, where she received a Master’s degree in Public Policy with a concentration in nonprofit management.

When not in the office, Consuelo can be found on the sidelines cheering for her two teenagers in their sports, digging in the dirt tending to her flower and vegetable gardens, playing tennis and board games with her family, or being walked by their Siberian Husky Denali. Love to or want to travel? Ask her about her National Park adventures.

Drop-in advising

Drop-in advising is available over Zoom. Check with your advisor for their weekly availability.

Drop-in advising is usually limited to a 10 to 15 minute session. Students needing more time should schedule a 30 minute appointment by calling Student Services at 612-625-3339.

Example of issues for drop-in advising

  • Review of classes and class schedule
  • APAS review and updates
  • Petition discussions
  • Signatures for academic forms
  • Short Q&A
  • General discussion
  • Non-academic topics (such as time management, connecting on campus, etc.)