Returning to the University and the College of Education and Human Development

Your first step in being readmitted to the U of M and CEHD is to contact CEHD Student Services at 612-625-3339 or email

Things to note

  • Any holds in place prior to your leave will remain in effect upon your return. For example, if you were on academic probation prior to your time away, you would return to the University on probation.
  • CEHD staff will help you determine your eligibility to return, your status in your degree program, and confirm the degree requirements in effect upon your return.

Steps to Return

The process of returning to the University may be different depending on your status. One Stop Student Services outlines the steps to return based on your status:

  • Returning from an Approved Leave of Absence (LOA)
  • Returning from Inactive Status
  • Returning from Academic Suspension

Deadlines for Applying

  • Undergraduate Applications to Return to the University must be submitted no later than three weeks prior to the start of the term for which you plan to enroll. You are encouraged to plan ahead and submit their application to return prior to the start of registration for the intended term of return. View upcoming registration dates.
  • You may apply to return up to one semester prior to their intended return, excluding summer terms. For example, if you wish to return for Fall, you may submit your return application at the beginning of the previous Spring semester.

Financial Aid, Residency, and Reciprocity

When returning to the University, you may need to take additional steps to receive financial aid or to have your residency status updated for in-state or out-of-state tuition billing. Questions about financial aid and the cost of attendance can be directed to One Stop Student Services.

Detailed information about residency and reciprocity can be found through the Residency, Reciprocity, and Tuition Exemption brochure. An automatic review of your residency status will be conducted if you submit an application to return to the university, but additional information may be requested from you.

Residents of a reciprocity state/province (Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Manitoba) may need to re-apply for residency through their home state/province to receive in-state tuition rates at the University of Minnesota. Additional information may be found through the Office of Admissions reciprocity website.