Transfer from outside the University of Minnesota

Application instructions

  1. Refer to the minimum requirements and prerequisite courses for the major you are applying to:

  2. Complete a University of Minnesota transfer application on the Office of Admissions website.

  3. Note: You will need to provide both high school and college transcripts.

  4. Complete the transfer admission application supplement [PDF] and personal statement. The personal statement is a 500-700 word statement (2 pages) addressing:

    • Why you want to pursue this major? (Provide as much detail as possible.)

    • How will this major help you to advance your life/career goals?

    • CEHD values diversity of experiences, perspectives, backgrounds, and talents. Enrolling a diverse community of scholars interested in learning with and from each other fosters discussion and discovery inside and outside of the classroom. How might you contribute to, or benefit from, our community of scholars?
      See tips for writing your personal statement.

  5. Submit all materials to:
    Office of Admissions
    240 Williamson Hall
    231 Pillsbury Drive SE
    Minneapolis, MN 55455
    Fax: 612-626-1693 or


Sheri Beck, Prospective Transfer Student Adviser & Transfer Admissions Coordinator
CEHD Student Services
360 Education Sciences Building