Transfer within the U of M Twin Cities campus or from another U of M campus

(Students from Duluth, Crookston, Morris, and Rochester campuses, including those who are currently or have been previously enrolled)

Application Deadlines

Spring semester deadline
October 1

Fall semester deadline
February 1

Application instructions

  1. Refer to the minimum requirements and prerequisite courses for the major you are applying to:

  2. Complete and submit a CEHD Transfer Application Supplement and essay responses. In general, each response should be between 150 and 200 words, or about half a page (single-spaced).

    We have replaced the personal statement with four short-essay questions. If you have already prepared your personal statement, please revise it to reflect the changes to the essay format.

    • What motivates you to pursue this major?

    • How will this major help you to advance toward your life/career goals?

    • What experiences or circumstances would you like us to know that are not reflected on your transcripts? (You may want to include personal experiences, extracurricular activities, and/or extenuating circumstances.)

    • How might you contribute to, or benefit from, the diverse community of scholars within CEHD? (CEHD values the diverse experiences, perspectives, backgrounds, and talents offered by members of its community. We want to hear how what you bring to CEHD can enhance this type of community or what you hope to gain from the unique learning opportunities this type of community can provide.)
    • Review tips for writing your essay responses. [PDF]

  3. Complete one of the change of college forms below, based on where you are transferring from:


Sheri Beck, Prospective Transfer Student Advisor & Transfer Admissions Coordinator
CEHD Student Services
360 Education Sciences Building