Application review factors

CEHD admits transfer students into specific majors.  All students are considered for admission based on an individual review of their application using the academic and context review factors listed below, in addition to the criteria described in the application instructions for the program students are applying to. These criteria include the specific prerequisite course and credit requirements for the individual program. Before applying, all students must meet the minimum admission requirements. However, meeting minimum prerequisite course, credit levels, and GPA requirements does not guarantee admission to a major. A variety of selection criteria are used to determine admission, including but not limited to, overall GPA, number of credits completed, and success in key courses.

Note: If you have not yet met the prerequisites for admission, you may still apply. It is sometimes possible to be admitted before meeting the requirements; however, your chances of admission significantly increase if you apply after meeting the prerequisites.

Academic review factors

  • Grade point average—cumulative, and in specific courses related to the student's intended major.
  • An especially challenging pattern of coursework, especially in courses related to the student's intended major.

Context review factors

  • Evidence of exceptional achievement, aptitude, or personal accomplishment not reflected in the academic record.
  • A pattern of steady improvement in academic performance.
  • Participation in extracurricular programs related to your intended major.
  • Non-academic experience in a field related to your intended major.
  • Evidence of exceptional talent or ability in artistic, scholarly, leadership, or athletic performance.
  • Evidence that enrollment would enhance the cultural, gender, age, economic, or geographic diversity of the student body.
  • Outstanding high school, college, or community involvement.
  • Military service.
  • Work experience, paid or unpaid.
  • Evidence of having overcome social, economic, or physical barriers to educational achievement.
  • Extenuating circumstances.

CEHD does not admit transfer students outside of specific majors. We advise students to stay at their current college and complete the admission requirements before applying to transfer.