Graduate degrees

The School of Kinesiology offers both professional and research-based graduate programs. Each program provides a tailored educational experience meant to enhance the understanding of the science and management of physical activity and human movement. Students have a variety of tracks and emphasis areas to choose from to create a customized program that fits their individual goals.

Not sure which program is right for you? Review the differences between the Master of Science/Master of Art (research based) and the Master of Education (professional based) programs.

Graduate lab student

Current student resources

Explore resources for current graduate students.

Financial aid

The School, College, and University all offer financial aid opportunities for students. Use the following resources to see available funding opportunities:


Graduate and professional program tuition and fees

Research opportunities

The School of Kinesiology houses fourteen labs and centers that specialize in a wide variety of research. Much of the research conducted in the School is interdisciplinary and involves collaborative partnerships with life science disciplines such as medicine, neuroscience, and epidemiology, and fosters links with business, education, and social sciences. Review each lab or center web page for more information about specific projects.

Diversity statement

The College of Education and Human Development Diversity statement:

We affirm the contributions of all people in our community. Diversity and equity are at the core of our mission in the College of Education and Human Development.

We explicitly reject bias, discrimination, and exclusion on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, gender, age, marital status, disability, public assistance status, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

We all are responsible for recognizing, confronting, and addressing bias and discrimination and diligently working for positive change in support of equity and diversity.

CEHD Graduate and Professional Education Diversity Statement
May 2, 2017, approved by CEHD Directors of Graduate Studies

See more about the College’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Student orgs

Joining a student organization is a great way to get involved, meet new friends and contacts, and enhance your UMN experience. Check out the School of Kinesiology Student Council website for more information about what they do and how to become involved.