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Digital Storytelling

Incorporating Digital Storytelling into Your Classroom
With Walt Jacobs (African American Studies), and Pete McCauley (Video and Media Specialist, ATS), by Instructional Technology Fellows for Academic Technology Services, CEHD, University of Minnesota, March 2, 2011.

Digital Media in the Classroom: Best Practices and the Benefits of Collaboration
With Scott Spicer, for the Office of Information Technology (OIT), Digital Media Workshop, University of Minnesota, June 14, May 10, 2010

Evaluating the effectiveness of digital storytelling for student reflection

From pixel on a screen to real person in your students' lives: Establishing social presence using digital storytellinga

Digital storytelling for reflection in undergraduate medical education: a pilot study

Art Inspired by Water

Students in the water seminar, along with being introduced to scientific disciplines relevant to water, also read and view creative works by artists who are inspired by water.

If I had to choose one image to help students consider our western relationship to water, I choose the photograph “Paddleboat” by visual artist Celeste Nelms. Her image, like all compelling art, rises above one interpretation. This sensory understanding of water is important to our desire to want to help water sources to thrive.

Visual Artist Celeste Nelms

Women and Water Rights Art Exhibit

In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater – Invigorate the Common Well

Common Ground: Projects for the Lagoon
University of Venice (IUAV), Venice, Italy

Visual Artist Christine Destrempes - River of Words Installation

Visual Artist Christine Destrempes - Global Water Art

University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

River Life

The Mississippi River flows just beyond our classroom buildings. On this urban Minneapolis campus its easy to forget about the river.

The longer I teach at the University of Minnesota, the more I think about the Mississippi River’s past, present, and future, how essential the river is to the water we use, and to our understanding of the histories of the many cultures who have settled along the river.

Pat Nunnally's River Life project and Telling River Stories project helped me to plan this seminar, and his input has helped me to sustain the vision for an integrated, applied understanding of the resource of water.

Additional Resources

Curriculum Related to Water

National Resources

International Organizations

Iraq and Water

  • I was asked by the College of Education and Human Development to be one of the respondents to a group of Iraqi delegates who were traveling to Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota campus. The visit was part of an official Sister City project between the cities of Minneapolis, Minnesota and Najaf, Iraq called "Water for Peace: An Iraqi-U.S. Partnership."
  • The delegates articulated three primary water resource challenges: Geopolitics, climate change patterns, and community-based decisions about water. Participation in water-based, reconciliation projects is one way U.S. citizens can help Iraqi citizens recover from the devastating effects of war, along with the country’s other ongoing political and environmental challenges. 
  • Many decisions related to water use in Iraq are out of our hands, but when students learn about these struggles, they are reminded that all people deserve access to clean water.
  • Water for Peace
  • Sister Cities – Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Najaf, Iraq
  • Muslim Peacemakers Team
  • Iraqi Reconciliation Project



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