University of Minnesota

Tucker Center Affiliated Scholars

Tucker Center Affiliated Scholars are people with substantive interests in the research and programmatic interests of the Tucker Center. Affiliated Scholars are by invitation and may be:

  • Faculty at the University of Minnesota and other institutions who wish to participate selectively and collaboratively in TC research and activities
  • Individuals external to the University of Minnesota who participate in TC-related research and activities

Benefits & Expectations

Affiliated Scholars will receive notification of TC events and are welcome to attend. Affiliated Scholars may be expected to participate in, or attend some TC activities, contribute to the biannual newsletter, as well as respond to requests for information. Foremost, TC Affiliated Scholars amplify and extend the work and mission of the TC.

The Process

For more information about becoming an Affiliated Scholar, individuals should contact:

Dr. Nicole LaVoi, director
Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport
1900 University Ave SE - Cooke 203,
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Current Affiliated Scholars

University of Minnesota Affiliated Scholars


Image of Rayla Allison
Rayla Allison, JD
CEHD Operations
Image of Austin Stair Calhoun
Austin Stair Calhoun, PhD
Medical Education
Image of Doug Hartmann
Doug Hartmann
Image of Kent Kaiser
Kent Kaiser, PhD
Image of Lisa Kihl
Lisa Kihl, PhD
Image of Beth Lewis
Beth Lewis, PhD
Image of Toben Nelson
Toben Nelson, PhD
Image of FNLN
Vicki Schull, PhD
Image of Steve
Steve Stovitz, MD, FACSM
Sports Medicine
Image of Chelsey Thul, PhD
Chelsey Thul, PhD

External Affiliated Scholars

Image of Laura Burton
Laura Burton, PhD
University of Connecticut
Image of Cheryl Cooky
Cheryl Cooky, PhD
Purdue University
Image of Elizabeth Daniels
Elizabeth Daniels, PhD
University of Colorado
Image of Guylaine Demers
Guylaine Demers, PhD
Laval University, Canada
Image of Janet Fink
Janet Fink, PhD
Image of Caroline Heffernan
Caroline Heffernan, PhD
Temple University
Image of Cindra Kamphoff
Cindra Kamphoff, PhD
Minnesota State, Mankato
Image of Vikki Krane
Vikki Krane, PhD
Bowling Green State U
Image of Sarah Leberman
Sarah Leberman, PhD
Massey U, New Zealand
Image of Leanne Norman
Leanne Norman, PhD
Leeds Beckett U, UK
Image of Etsuko Ogasawara
Etsuko Ogasawara, PHD
Juntendo U, Japan
Image of Sally Shaw
Sally Shaw, PHD
U of Otago, New Zealand