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Game ON Toolkit


Game ON: Women Can Coach documentary

New in the Fall of 2019 is a Game ON Toolkit that includes important companion resources to the Game ON: Women Can Coach documentary to help stakeholders and advocates create a sport climate that values and supports all women coaches.


Barriers for Women Sport Coaches: An Ecological Systems Model, 2012

Be an Ally of Girls and Women in Sport, 2019

Blame the Woman, 2016

The Decline and Stagnation of Women Head Coaches of Women's Collegiate Teams in the United States from 1971 to 2019

Do You Want to be a Role Model? 2018 April

Shifting the Narrative about Women Sport Coaches, 2019

Targets of Opportunity to Hire Women Coaches, 2018

"We Want a Male Coach": A Teachable Moment for Female Athletes, 2017

Why Women Sport Coaches Matter: The Evidence, 2016

The Women Coaches' Playbook for Being Hired and Retained: Athletic Administration Best Practices of Recruitment, Hiring and Retention of Female Collegiate Coaches, 2017


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