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Alumni Society board

The CEHD Alumni Society Board is made up of volunteers who create lifelong connections with alumni students, faculty, staff and friends of the college; enhance the student experience and advocate for the college and University.


  • Mark Groves (B.A. 1990, child psychology), vice-president
  • Jan Ormasa (M.A. 1974, educational psychology, Specialist 1990, education administration), president

Board members

  • Paul Amla (M.Ed. 2007, human resource development)
  • Mary Branca Rosenow (M.Ed. 1985, elementary education)
  • Jenny Collins (M.A. 2010, youth leadership development)
  • Chris Dixon (B.S. 2004, sports studies, M.Ed. 2005 applied kinesiology)
  • Shirley Flittie (M.A. 1985, secondary education with minor in French)
  • Steven Hurt (B.S. 2011, recreation, park & leisure studies)
  • Alex McKinney (M.A. 2009, recreation administration)
  • Andrea Mihalow (M.A. 2009, elementary education)
  • Shawna Monson (B.S. 2004, human resource development, M.Ed. 2008, curriculum & instruction: learning technologies)
  • Candice Nadler (M.Ed. 1982, early childhood education)
  • Marcus Pope (M.Ed. 2006, youth development leadership)
  • Jill Stein Lipset (M.Ed. 2013, social work focus on youth development leadership)
  • Mala Ugargol (M.Ed. 2003, curriculum & instruction)

Student representatives

  • Jeremiah Dean president of Graduate Student, OLPD
  • Takehito Kamata Graduate Student representative, OLPD
  • Olivia Rieck president of Undergraduate Student
  • Alexis Venne vice-president of Undergraduate Student

Ex-officio faculty representative

  • Louis Quast (Ph.D. 2003, human resource development)