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Reducing the achievement gap.

Investing in creative students.

Service learning to prepare for the 21st century.

Improving health and livelihood.

Influencing social health.

Improving our quality of life.

Embracing new learning technologies.

Investigating development of executive function.

Promoting high-quality instruction and learning.

Exploring the cognitive processes of learning.

International development and global leadership.

Lead the way in the science of early childhood.

Exploring factors that keep students in school.

Create a successful future for all children.

Make STEM education come alive.

Re-envisioning of our teacher education

Preparing teachers of young children.

Help children get off to a good start in life.

Fostering imagination and creativity.

Developing broad cultural perspectives.

Training teachers who reflect diversity.

Developing new ways to teach and learn.

Research-driven solutions to complex problems.

Field-shaping researchers and teachers.

Transforming mobile learning into student learning.

Creating a positive impact across our communities.

Expand understanding of literacy development.

Leadership in higher ed as a source for social change.

Support partnerships with the U and public schools.

Build a platform of advocacy.

Help students prepare for teaching careers.

Reduce health disparities in diverse communities.

Re-envisioning teacher preparation.

Connecting education with passion.

Evolving collaboration with health sciences.

Studying the development of executive function.

education + human development

The Improving Lives campaign goal is to raise $62 million by 2018.

horizontal graphic depicting dollar amount raise thus far.

For generations, the University of Minnesota’s College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) has been a leader in advancing our knowledge of how children develop and learn, how we interact with our families and community, and how we can maximize human potential.

CEHD is uniquely positioned to address many of society’s biggest challenges. Our faculty, students, and alumni help families struggling with the stresses of poverty, domestic violence, and neglect. We provide scientists, educators, and doctors insights into the developing brain. Our work on the effects of diet and exercise on public health has widespread impact. And, of course, we improve the lives of students in classrooms in Minnesota and around the globe.

Today’s tough challenges require new skills. The diversity of academic disciplines across the college presents abundant opportunities for collaboration and discovery, sparking new ideas and innovative solutions to age-old problems.

The Improving Lives campaign seeks increased private investment to expand our work and capacity for discovery and engagement. This support will ensure the college can attract and retain brilliant faculty thinkers and leaders, recruit the most promising students, and provide the facilities necessary to continue our vital research.

Improve Lives, make a gift now.

We are driven by our belief in the value of every child and adult, each with unique talents and challenges. We share our knowledge for public use to impact and improve lives.
– Jean Quam, Dean

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