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2017 - 2018 Visiting scholars

Each of our departments has its own policies and procedures for working with international scholars. If you're interested in being a visiting scholar, please contact the department directly.

Özlü Aran is a Fulbright student and a Ph.D. candidate in Developmental Psychology Program at the Middle East Technical University, located in Ankara, Turkey. She is especially interested in the relationship between parental stress and stress regulation in young children and the role of caregiving behaviors on this relationship. She will be working in Megan Gunnar's Human Developmental Psychobiology Lab at the Institute of Child Development through the 2017-2018 academic year as an exchange researcher. She hopes to expand her research in understanding the psychobiology of stress reactivity in children and its development through adolescence.

Jeong Won Baik

Dr. Jeong Won Baik is a visiting research scholar working with Professor Hee Yun Lee in the School of Social Work for the 2017-2018 academic year. She comes from Institute of Ability Based on Community Research in South Korea. Dr. Baik has a Ph.D. in community social work from the Pusan National University, and has worked as a social worker for 5 years with “Food for the Hungry International,” an organization focused on the promotion of international education. Her research interests include diversity issues within community education, hospice community care, and North Korean refugee support. While at SSW, Dr. Baik will be working with Dr. Lee to investigate effective ways to increase health literacy, mental health literacy, and develop community intervention programs. This study will be a good opportunity to introduce health literacy to the social work in South Korea.

Laura Bidegain

Laura Bidegain leads career development programs and initiatives at the Career Development Center at the Universidad de San Andrés, in Buenos Aires, Argentina

During her stay at the University of Minnesota, Laura will be working with Dr. Michael Stebleton, Associate Professor, Higher Education, to develop a career development program that focuses on a systems-based approach to career-life planning. The program will provide self-reflection opportunities and intentional exploration to help students develop a professional identity around the meaning of work and vocation. Laura will also collaborate on other ongoing career development research and writing projects and exchange best practices with colleagues.

Qiong Dong

Qiong Dong is an assistant professor in Department of Philosophy, Anhui University, Hefei, China. She has a PhD in Psychology from Beijing Normal Univeristy in China. Her main interest is in the area of language and literacy development in normal samples and dyslexic children, especially in how children develop morphological awareness, vocabulary and reading ability. She will be working in the Melissa Koenig Early Language and Learning Lab in the Institute of Child Development.

Camille Nganga

Camilla Nganga is a visiting scholar working with Professor Rebecca Ropers-Huilman. She comes from the University of São Paulo in Brazil, where she works in her PhD with Professor Silvia Pereira de Castro Casa Nova. She is an associate researcher of FEA Research Group in Gender, Race and Sexualities - GENERA. She received her B.S. and her M.A. from the Federal University of Uberlândia (Brazil) in Accounting. Since college, she has been studying and researching Accounting Education, a topic that fascinates and motivates her a lot and has impacted her choice for pursuing an academic career. After a specialization course in Teaching in Higher Education, she became deeply involved with education, and developed her master’s and now her PhD dissertation in this topic.

For her Ph.D. project, she is studying the construction of faculty identities of women PhD students in Accounting. During her visit at the University of Minnesota, she is going to develop a theoretical framework for her PhD dissertation, as well as define methodological aspects and a research design. Also, the research period at the UMN will contribute to her study, allowing Camilla to conduct interviews with women students and faculty. Camilla is also interested in topics such as: teacher training, use of technologies, teaching and learning strategies, cases teaching, specially related to gender and race in Accounting Education and Higher Education in general.

Markéta Sedláková is a Ph.D. student at the Social Education Department at the Faculty of Education, Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. She is an assistant instructor in her home department. Her main focus is qualitative research in Social Education, namely the situation of immigrants in Czech schools and personal development of trainee teachers. In her research she makes use of discourse analysis and visual methods (working with photographs). Her teaching involves such fields as intercultural education, special education and leisure time education. She has also organized international conferences (Eduspace 2016, 2017; Pragmatism and Education; European Personal Construct Association) and worked as a special needs classroom assistant. While at the University of Minnesota, she will work with Assistant Professor Chris Johnstone.

Chunmei Zheng

Chunmei Zheng is a visiting scholar working with Dr. Zan Gao in the School of Kinesiology. She comes from Shandong University of Jinan in China, where she is a teacher, assistant professor, master tutor and got her doctorate. Her research orientation is physical activity and health. She participated and hosted many National-level and Provincial-level projects and published ten papers or so. While at the UMN, she will be focusing on the project titled, “Research on the relationship between physical fitness and health-related quality of life for the elderly with chronic diseases at home and abroad.”