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2016-2017 Visiting scholars

Each of our departments has its own policies and procedures for working with international scholars. If you're interested in being a visiting scholar, please contact the department directly.

Abdirashid Ismail

Abdirashid Ismail is a visiting scholar working with Jim for the fall semester. He comes to us from the University of Helskini and studying immigration and diaspora with a focus on Somalis in Europe. While at the SSW, he will be working on two papers about immigrant children’s well-being, particularly their educational achievement.

Angela Sorgente

Angela Sorgente is a visiting Ph.D. student in the Family Social Science Department. She comes from Catholic University of Milan in Italy, where she works with Professor Margherita Lanz. For her Ph.D. project, she is investigating emerging adults’ financial well-being. She completed a her review and summary of the literature on that topic and is now working on two studies for her dissertation: a longitudinal study of emerging adults in the US and a cross-sectional study of emerging adults in Italy. During her visit, she will work with Dr. Joyce Serido, associate Professor and Extension Specialist to study the reciprocal association between the achievement of adulthood markers and financial well-being. Angela is also interested in Psychometrics and in methodologies/techniques to analyze non-independent data.

Emina Bužinkić

Emina Bužinkić is an activist with an educational background in political science with supplementary peace, pedagogy and psychology education.

I was born in 1984. I spent most of my early childhood in war affected Sisak while being a refugee in Zagreb and Ljubljana during devastating war activities. After 1995’s forced displacement of Serb civilians after military operation Storm and Kosovo refugee crisis in 1998, I have become determined in contributing to building lasting peace.

Since high school I have been active in artistic and political civic initiatives such as Enough of Wars! and Not in my Name!. I have spent my whole twenties (and some years before and after) being engaged in work of the Centre for Peace Studies, Croatian Youth Network, Alliance for Independent Culture and Documenta - Centre for Dealing with the Past connecting work on dealing with the past and peace building while directly working with and advocating rights of refugees, civilian victims of war, youth and other vulnerable groups. Currently, I work with the Centre for Peace Studies as an civic education campaign coordinator and I have been co-coordinating GOOD – Initiative for introducing civic education into schools. My focus is also on integration of refugees mostly through education and establishment of social intercultural centre as well as field emergency and advocacy response to a refugee crisis mainly through Initiative Welcome.

I am mostly proud of kicking off Taste of Home initiative that has grown into documenting personal memories of refugees while promoting culinary activism and establishing social cooperative as an economic alternative emancipating refugees skills.

I very much enjoy teaching at the Peace Studies classes on post-colonialism, migration and cultural pluralism as well as at the Youth Studies Programme that I have established more than five years ago. My deep interests are in political education and transforming the educational systems. I believe in changes. I strongly disapprove borders.