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Building Diversity and Equity

CEHD is a leader in providing research, teaching, learning, and engagement opportunities for students, faculty, and staff that reflect the changing demographics of the 21st century.

CEHD is committed to recruiting, enrolling, and educating a diverse population of students who represent the overall composition of our society.

Diversity Commentary

Associate Dean Na'im Madyun's commentary on issues of diversity and equity is published approximately every 2 weeks during the semester.

Recent Posts

Community Diversity Blog

A round-up of diversity and equity related events in the college, University, and community, as well as a look at what the community is reading.

Recent Posts


Common Ground Consortium (CGC) supports advanced graduate work in education by students of culturally diverse backgrounds who are graduates of several Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

TRiO Programs

    • TRiO Student Support Services targets 100 to 120 new students each fall to participate in a multidimensional program that provides comprehensive academic support, supplemental study groups, learning communities, and leadership development.
    • College English Transitions is a first-year learning community for multi-lingual students.
    • Upward Bound works with students on a long-term and intensive basis to help generate the skills needed for selected high school students to succeed in postsecondary education.
    • The McNair Scholars Program prepares low-income, first-generation college students for graduate study.


The College of Education and Human Development, as well as the University as a whole, provides numerous scholarship opportunities directed specifically toward those with multicultural backgrounds.

College-Wide Initiative

CEHD has launched a college-wide initiative, CEHD Diversity and Equity: Re-imagine, Act, Communicate.

Shaped by the Office of Equity and Diversity 2008 report, the initiative consists of three work groups:

Faculty Leadership Group

Constituted by faculty identified as future college leaders, this group provides tools to assist selection committees in building diversity in the college

  • Recruitment strategies that reach diverse applicants
  • Focus on keeping diversity under our roof; creating the budget and academic environment to hire excellent and diverse people in the pipeline
  • Reading the CV or résumé for non-traditional excellence
  • Retention

Multicultural Concerns Network (MCN)

A grass-roots group composed of anyone interested in the work of diversity and equity, MCN measures all student satisfaction in the undergraduate and graduate student experience.

Programmatic Leadership Group

Made up of people currently leading existing programs focused on diversity, this group works to strengthen diversity and equity through:

  • Sharing our work with one another to inform and to find possible connections
  • Creating the infrastructure to communicate the work of diversity in CEHD beyond program descriptions
  • Identifying and acknowledging support systems and ensuring that the presence of support secures success for many students.

Each group has committed to actionable items that include reflection and evaluation.


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