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Global Teacher Education Programs

Our Global Teacher Education Program is a professional development program for educators. This intensive program provides participants the opportunity to learn about innovative teaching strategies and assessments used in U.S. schools, develop further their English language proficiency, and engage in experiential learning through classroom observations and school internships.

4-week sessions in either January or July. The program fee of $3500 includes:

  • University-based housing
  • Meals
  • Transportation
  • Cultural activities
  • Department and program fees

View our program brochure or email the Global Initiatives Office at for more information.

2016 CEHD Study Abroad: Winter, Spring, and Summer Terms

REC 4301 Dive Belize: Wilderness and Adventure Education

Term: Winter 2016
Instructor: Connie Magnuson

This exciting trip takes you to the beautiful country of Belize to explore the wonders of the world’s second largest barrier reef and an UNESCO World Heritage Site. A two-day Discover SCUBA lesson while there will allow you to dive with an instructor up to 40 ft. to have an up close view of the reef and this fascinating and endangered marine ecosystem. We will stay for 3 nights at a marine station on the reef to learn about what is threatening the reef, what preservation is being done and why we should care. Travel by boat to the Smithsonian Research Station and snorkel the crystal clear waters nearby. Hiking in a Jaguar Preserve and tubing on the river through Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary. Get a birds eye view as we do a thrilling zip-line in the jungle at the Bocawina National Park! Are you up for an Adventure?

More information about this program.

EDHD 3100: Puerto Rico: History, Diversity, and Community

Term: Winter 2016
Instructor: Maria Pabon

This course explores the history of diversity and social capital under the lens of Puerto Rico’s political, societal and cultural context. Students will look at different methods, theories and practices of leadership, social capital and diversity. Students will learn to become agents of social change and advocacy, and thereby promote societal understanding and appreciation of diverse views. As part of the program students will also engage in field experiences and visit important cultural sites. Additionally students will have the unique opportunity to participate in the Three Kings Celebration and the San Sebastian Festival, two of Puerto Rico’s most significant cultural events.

OLPD 8087: Surprising Singapore: Cultural Intelligence, Innovation, and Education

Term: Winter 2016
Instructor: Michael Goh

Singapore is a dynamic, cosmopolitan city-state where diverse cultures, ethnic groups and religions blend harmoniously, offering a rich spectrum of experiences. Students will literally and figuratively feast on the sights, sounds, cultures, food, festivals, and religions and be surprised by Singapore. Learn about education, leadership, educational policy, counseling, and intercultural education to discover how a young nation without natural resources developed economically, socially, and politically. Students will see civilizations come alive in some of the best museums in Asia, admire UNESCO heritage sites, be awed by spectacular architecture and engineering feats required for national survival, follow Anthony Bourdain’s food journeys in Singapore, encounter multiple places of worship, and be led by a U of M alum on a nature and environmental trek and the story of how she saved these endangered wetlands from land reclamation.

More information about this program

REC 4191 Explore Costa Rica: Adventure Recreation, Tourism and Eco-Tourism

Term: Winter 2016
Instructor: Sean Morrissey

This trip is an adventure seeker’s dream in a tropical paradise! A custom itinerary has been developed to maximize the educational opportunities and experiences this amazing country has to offer. Explore Costa Rica's geology, natural history and conservation efforts, focusing on the National Park System and Tourism. Enjoy a thrilling 2-day rafting trip on the Pecuare, a world-class whitewater river flowing through a tropical forest. Get a monkey’s view of the jungle as you traverse by zip-line across the rainforest canopy looking for birds, sloths and of course, monkeys! Travel by boat through a mangrove estuary, one of the most endangered ecosystem types in Costa Rica for snorkeling at Cano Island National Park. Observe whales, dolphins, manta rays, and beautiful tropical fish in this coral reef system. Enjoy a tour of Poas Volcano National Park and a premium cup of coffee as you learn about the #1 crop export of Costa Rica at the Doka Coffee Plantation!

More information about this program

CPSY 5996 Field Experience: English Language Acquisition Methods in Brazil

Term: Spring 2016
Instructor: Frances Durkin

Students gain exposure to the challenges of teaching and learning English in the rapidly developing country of Brazil. In partnership with a model private school in Feira de Santana, a city 1.5 hours north of Salvador, students will co-teach in an early childhood, elementary or junior high classroom. Brazil is currently in the international spotlight as it hosted the World Cup in 2014 and prepares for the 2016 Olympics. How the country balances its economic growth while providing services like education to its citizens is an ongoing challenge we will consider.

More information about this program

EDHD 3100: Thailand: Global Change, Environment, and Families

Term: May 2016
Instructor: Cathy Solheim and Linda Buturian

Explore globalization, culture, families and the natural world in Thailand. This interdisciplinary course uses a human ecological lens and a sustainability studies framework to examine global change that is occurring at the intersection of the natural environment in Thailand; particularly rivers and water, communities, families, and culture. Northern Thailand is home to many Hill Tribe peoples who are being integrated into Thai society with mixed results. Listening to key community members who work with people in these hill tribe villages and the villagers themselves will help participants understand issues of social justice that can be applied in different contexts. Contribute through service-learning to the social change work that is being enacted through key non-governmental organizations in northern Thailand.

More information about this program

EDHD 3100: Tour de France: History and Culture of Cycling

Term: Summer 2016
Instructor: Don Dengel and Nick Evanoff

This course focuses on the impact that cycling and specifically the Tour de France has had on Paris, France and the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. It examines the changes that have occurred in Paris, France as a result of hosting the Tour de France. This course explores how the science of cycling has changed as well as the impact that cycling has on Paris, France and the world. Given the content of this course it fulfills the global Perspectives of your liberal education requirement. As the Tour de France has changed so has bicycling racing. From initially being a individual event to now being both an individual and team event. Additionally, the bicycle has changed from a heavy single speed machine to a multi-speed machine made from the lightest materials possible. This course will explore the changes in the sport and science of cycling that have occurred during the life span for the Tour de France. Students will also explore gender issues in cycling, and learn about the history of women’s cycling.

While in France students will experience the Tour de France; bike in Paris and Versailles, visit a cycling manufacture, a champagne vineyard, the Louvre, Notre Dame, and Eiffel Tower!

More information about this program

EDHD 3100: Taste of Korea:Culture, Language, and Education

Term: Summer 2016
Instructor: Marina Alexio

This program explores South Korean culture, language, and education. Seminars focus on different aspects of Korean culture, including language, food, Taekwondo, and music. In addition seminars explore the unique aspects if Korean education. Students will have the opportunity to visit Elementary and Secondary public schools, Hagwons (tutoring center), Seoul National University. All program site visits are part of the program fee, and include visits to historical palaces and cultural events. The program will also allow free time so participants to explore the city and immerse themselves within the local community.

More information about this program

Mary T. Fellows: Professional Internship in Cameroon

Term: Summer 2016
Instructor: Marina Alexio

The Mary T Fellows is a graduate student program designed to link talented CEHD graduate students in strategic development fields with organizations in Bamenda, Cameroon. The goal of the program is to provide graduate students with professional development opportunities in international development settings.


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