CEHD alumni award of excellence

The Alumni Award of Excellence recognizes CEHD alumni who have demonstrated outstanding achievement and leadership in their profession, served as mentors to others in their field, or shown exceptional volunteer service. Recipients will be honored at the CEHD Exceptional Alumni Awards Celebration on April 30, 2024.

If you have any questions, please contact us at cehdas@umn.edu or 612-625-5963.

Congratulations to the 2024 Alumni Award of Excellence recipients

            Amanda Harrington

Amanda Harrington
MSW '06

Amanda Harrington (she/her) is the Director of Community Safety Design & Implementation with the City of Minneapolis. In her role, she’s responsible for the direction and strategic coordination of the city’s community safety system, as well as the innovation, implementation and evaluation of new programs.

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Juleen Rodakowski
BS ’05, Kinesiology

Juleen Rodakowski (she/her) is an occupational therapist with expertise in community living for vulnerable adults and their caregivers. Her federally funded research seeks to slow the progression of disability attributed to early changes in cognition and caregiving. Rodakowski's studies influence when, how and why rehabilitation services are being provided to individuals living in the community. Her work generates the evidence required to support new, effective models of community-focused care, that are responsive to public health needs and evolving federal policies. Rodakowski is arming the geriatric and rehabilitation disciplines with evidence, methods and applications that place best practices in rehabilitation at the forefront of health care. Rodakowski is associate professor and chair of the Department of Occupational Therapy

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Juleen Rodakowski

Alumni award recipients were interviewed
in advance of the Exceptional Alumni Awards Celebration on April 30.

Past alumni award of excellence recipients:

  • 2023: Larry Johnson and Kristin J. Morris
  • 2022: Ashley Landers and Abdul Omari
  • 2021: Juliana Carlson and K. Giddings
  • 2019: Chelsea Petree
  • 2018: Candice Nadler and Catherine Rich
  • 2017: Beth Bowman and Karen Filla
  • 2015: Kenneth Dragseth, Amelia Franck Meyer
  • 2014: Kenneth Mauer, Barbara Schmidt
  • 2013: Marvin Davis, Peg Lonnquist