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Engage in career development

Has anyone suggested that you “research careers” to find out about opportunities that might be a good fit for you now or in the future? Do you know what to research or where to find information?

Whether you are thinking for the first time about what you might do after graduation, or you are preparing for a job search, researching careers helps you to make informed decisions.

Explore these topics to get started.

Resumes Resumes

Think of your resume as a living document that is continually updated as you gain experience or choose to look for different types of opportunities. Each version of your resume should reflect your personal brand or professional identity.

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Portfolios and work samples Portfolios and work samples

A professional portfolio highlights a collection of your best professional and academic work, providing documentation of your skills, experience and training. Portfolios are a great way for job seekers in all career fields to stand out.

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Cover letters Cover letters

A cover letter (also called a letter of introduction or letter of application) should be submitted to a specific position along with a resume.

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Networking Networking

Networking is crucial for professional growth and career advancement, as it helps build relationships, opens up opportunities, and provides access to valuable information and resources.

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Curriculum vitae (CV) Curriculum vitae (CV)

In the United States, a curriculum vita, often called a CV or vita, is used when applying for academic and research positions, fellowships, and grants.

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Job search strategies Job search strategies

You will have several jobs in your lifetime. Some jobs might be just for the paycheck. Other jobs are an important part of your career journey. Landing a great internship is also important to your career journey.

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Hiring/interview process Hiring/interview process

Navigating the job market involves understanding that different types of employers have distinct processes for recruiting, evaluating and hiring new employees.

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Job offers Job offers

Congratulations on receiving an employment offer! This is a big life decision and it is essential to evaluate the full offer package, not just the salary, to ensure it aligns with your goals, values, and needs.

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