Education and Human Development

Undergraduate students at CEHD

We offer a comprehensive set of majors and minors - in business; health, sports, and wellbeing; social science and human services; and education - that prepare you for meaningful careers.

Quote from Linh Do

The elementary education major offers an incredible curriculum focused on celebrating culture and diversity. Not only that, but it is equipping me with the tools to disrupt the structures and prejudices in place that hurt students the most.

Linh Do '20 Elementary Education Foundations

Student services

CEHD Student Services includes several support resources that help you meet your academic and career goals.

Academic advising

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Career services

We support our students as they navigate their career journey and live out their unique definition of success. Our services empower students to know themselves, explore possibilities, engage, make decisions, set goals, and assess equity and social justice in their career development.


Scholarships for current students

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Mental health and wellbeing

We prioritize the complete holistic health and wellbeing of every individual. Beyond academic excellence, we foster an environment where physical, emotional, and mental wellness are valued equally. This commitment ensures that our students can thrive personally and academically.

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TRIO educational opportunity programs

TRIO supports students from disadvantaged and underrepresented backgrounds in the pursuit of a college degree. These programs include TRIO Student Support Services, which is part of President's Emerging Scholars, TRIO McNair, and TRIO Upward Bound.

Contact CEHD Student Services at or 612-625-3339.

Get involved

There are many ways to get involved on campus, from the leadership minor to student groups and research opportunities.

Undergraduate Student Board

The CEHD Undergraduate Student Board promotes community building, student leadership, and interaction. Through events and community volunteering, the board supports current CEHD students in building friendships, making connections, and contributing our voices to CEHD leadership to improve the CEHD student experience.

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Alumni Society Board undergraduate networking event

The CEHD Alumni Society sponsors an annual networking event for CEHD undergraduate students to meet CEHD alumni working in a variety of professions.

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